Mini Egg Rocky Road

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Mini Egg Rocky Road is a fantastic Easter Treat and a brilliant way to eat more Mini Eggs!

My kids are obsessed with Mini Eggs. When he was young, Michael thought mini eggs were eggs. He was very disappointed one morning when he asked for eggs after Easter! This means that as soon as we enter a new year, and Easter starts taking over the shops, we start buying mini eggs. We eat a lot of them on their own, but I also like to try and do more with them. Like Mini Egg Rocky Road

Tower of Mini Egg Rocky Road squares
Rocky Road does not stack!

I love Rocky Road. I’m a huge biscuit freak you see. I can resist anything but a biscuit. Biscuits are my ultimate downfall. I also have no control; I can eat half a packet of chocolate digestives, then decide I’d better finish the pack to remove any evidence that they’d ever existed, so there are no uncomfortable questions about where half a packet have gone in 20 minutes. They are the best! More so if there’s chocolate involved. Mini Egg Rocky Road and any other Rocky Road really is the ultimate biscuit.

This love, however, means that I try not to expose myself to them too often, as there is a very real danger that they’ll be gone in half a day, this makes Mini Egg Rocky Road my favourite Easter Treat!


I tend to keep things simple with Mini Eggs, raisins and marshmallows. But, you really can add anything. Glace cherries work really well, so do nuts. The beauty of Rocky Road is that it’s basically your favourite sweet treats, covered in chocolate.

You can also change your biscuit. I prefer the taste and texture of a digestive. But I know that a lot of people prefer to use Rich Tea. Totally up to you.


Mini Egg Rocky Road sliced on baking paper
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Mini Egg Rocky Road

The ultimate biscuity easter treat, and a fab way to use some Mini Eggs!
Prep Time20 mins
Setting Time2 hrs
Course: biscuits
Cuisine: American
Keyword: chocolate, Easter, Fridge Cake
Servings: 16 Squares
Calories: 215kcal
Author: Donna


  • 100 g Butter
  • 100 g Dark Chocolate – Broken into squares
  • 200 g Milk Chocolate – Broken into squares
  • 3 tbsp Golden Syrup
  • 125 g Digestive Biscuits – Broken into large pieces
  • 50 g Raisins
  • 50 g Mini Marshmallows
  • 80 g Mini Eggs – Broken up into bits – some left whole


  • Grease and line a deep baking tin
  • Mix the biscuit, raisins, mini marshmallows, and mini eggs in large mixing bowl, retaining a few eggs to decorate
  • In a saucepan over a low heat, melt the chocolates, syrup, and butter until smooth
  • Pour 2/3 of the melted chocolate over the biscuit mix
  • Mix together until all coated in chocolate
  • Tip into the baking tin and press out into the sides
  • Pour over the last of the chocolate and spread
  • Add the remaining eggs to the top
  • Cool in the fridge for 2 hours before removing from the tin and slicing



  • My tin is 8” square
  • I find that freezing the marshmallows and mini eggs for an hour first helps them to hold their shape.

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