What Year One Taught Me

I can’t believe that The Boy has finished year one already. It seems about 3 weeks ago that he was leaving the childminders to start school but apparently, that was now two years ago. It’s crazy! The Boy has learnt an awful lot, his reading, spelling and math’s are incredible and he really enjoys learning new things when it comes to history, geography and science. Which is great. Even his handwriting, which has always been the thing he struggles with the most, has improved beyond belief. But, I’ve learnt a lot too.

the boy six

School Meals are Not the Same as Home Meals

The Boy likes everything except for cheese. Which he eats on pizza. I spent many years telling him it wasn’t cheese. Then he went on a trip to Pizza Express where they told him the truth. I then managed to get away with “pizza cheese isn’t like other cheese. It’s special”

Apparently, school pizza cheese is different again and he won’t eat it. Or gravy. He loves gravy at home but will not touch school gravy! I generally buy Asda Smartprice 15p gravy granules so I’m not sure how much worse it can be?

school pizza

It’s somewhat comforting to know that despite the big push on healthy school meals, some things are still crap!

The Boy is Not a Gifted Athlete

Sports Day was an interesting time. The Boys Dad and I went along to cheer him on. It took us about 30 minutes to work out what was going on as they all seemed to be doing different things. But, eventually, we worked out that each station was a different activity and the older helpers were counting how many rounds of each activity each group did. Somehow, in the end, this resulted in a winning team.

hurdles year one sports day

It was not The Boys’ team. He shows promise in the hurdling and wouldn’t have been a terrible runner had he turned around when he was meant to and not kept running.  Football, throwing, space hopping and especially skipping are not his thing!

space hopper year one sports day

Of course, none of this was his fault. The skipping ropes were far too long, other groups had teachers telling them when to turn around, half of them just ran the hopping race and there was generally a tone of utter corruption. The Boy may not be a talented athlete but he hasn’t grasped cheating yet either!

School Get It Wrong

I like The Boy’s school. It’s not perfect, but he’s happy there and doing well. I like his teachers, the other staff and the Head. However, they get it wrong sometimes. The Boy was off with chicken pox for a week and a bit this year. Then, once he’d returned, he got sent home one day because a dinner lady saw him scratch. She then made him feel awful by telling him he’d infect other people.

mild chicken pox

His spots had been scabbed over for days. He scratched, as we all sometimes do. There was absolutely nothing wrong with him.

Being Off Sick is Naughty

I realise that attendance is incredibly important. Of course, it is. I’m also aware that sometimes children aren’t too ill to go to school when they have days off and that school must do everything they can to get kids there as often as possible. But, I don’t like the whole rewarding 100% attendance thing.

The Boy’s school don’t do a lot. I think for a half term it’s a certificate, full term a special pencil and then all year they go to the town hall for a presentation.

But, The Boy had chicken pox. He’s only ever been off school for this. It wasn’t his fault. If I’d sent him, there’d have been many other kids off with it. Yet, by missing out on the reward, he is effectively punished for being ill? I don’t think this is fair.

boys chicken pox

Other Parents Aren’t That Bad

I spent a good deal of reception and year one avoiding other parents. They always seem so cliquey and you hear such awful stories about playground bitchiness and politics which I didn’t want to be involved in. I don’t like people at the best of times but add in school run stress and I just thought it was best to keep myself to myself.

However, as The Boy has started making closer friends and The Bobsy has started chatting to everyone, I’ve spoken to some of them a little more. While I keep to one side usually, I will have the odd chat and it’s actually quite nice!

Working from Home Rocks

I honestly don’t know how both parents manage to work around school. If I didn’t work from home I don’t understand how I’d manage school runs and child minder drop offs. It’s impossible!

The Last Six Weeks are a Giant Waste

I remember when I was at school, the last week we watched films and then on the last day we could take board games in. There was an element of “why bother?”. Now, I don’t think they’ve actually done any proper work for the last half term. But overall, they do more than we ever did, so perhaps they deserve it.

games year one

…Obviously His Favourite Part

The last week was always my favourite too!

School Parking is A Lot Easier Than You Think

We used to live by the school. The car park for our flat was always so full at school time. People would literally park in the middle and block residents in. Just to be a bit closer to school. When I got the car, I was worried about parking because of this.

However, I park down the bottom, less than a 10-minute walk away (with a toddler…2 mins normal walking!) and it’s easy. This means people are too lazy to walk 5 mins! They must park next to the door!!

parking at school

There is a Jumper Black Hole Somewhere

The Boy doesn’t wear a jumper all year. Probably only half of it really. Yet, he still seems to lose about 78 a year! They just never come home! Where on earth are they??

The Playground Floor is Made of Lava

Have you seen that meme? About how we thought quick sand would be a bigger issue when we grew up? Apparently now it’s lava! He’s always telling me about how they’ve been stuck in lava or running from lava. The number of pairs of pumps that have been destroyed in year one means I can only assume this is, in fact, true and The Boy’s school have a serious lava problem!

lava year one playground

Now to see what year two brings. The Boy fears more work. But, to be honest, I think the jump to year one from all the reception playing, is bigger and he’s coped brilliantly!

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