What We’re Eating Week Two

We’ve had one of those weeks where it’s felt really busy and stressful. But, we haven’t really done much. Husband worked six days the week before. We haven’t had any time off work for ages, we’ve moved to a new house and had loads to sort out, and I had to juggle working from home with kids here in the summer. It’s been a hectic few months, and I think it’s all caught up with us. So even though all we’ve really done is take my car for its MOT, and a trip to the tip, it’s felt busy, and we’re super tired.

What We're Eating this week

During the week, I haven’t wanted to be cooking, as much as I love it. We had lots of easy meals. Now it’s the weekend I’m getting stuck in again, with loads and loads of beef! I slow cooked the most amazing beef bourguignon yesterday. Tonight, we’re having roast beef. Then, tomorrow it’ll be a big beef stew with the leftovers. I didn’t really think this through when I prepared my meal plan. But, we all love beef, so it’s cool.

Monday (1/10) – Cottage Pie

Mondays are my super busy day, so I like to have something prepared. We had cottage pie last week, and I froze a spare. Cottage pie is a great meal to make in batch and freeze for a busy day.

Tuesday – Enchiladas

Enchiladas are one of mine and husbands’ favourites. We have a massive portion, with salad and coleslaw. Amazing! The kids like the filling, but not the wrap itself, so we do them some pasta or chips with the filling on top, which they love even though it’s a little spicy.

Wednesday – Tortellini

Chicken and bacon with a tomato and mascarpone sauce from Aldi was a super simple meal that took 5 minutes to heat up. I like to cook from scratch, but there’s nothing wrong with just buying ready-made sometimes.

Thursday – Chicken and Chorizo Pasta Bake

Cheesy Chicken and Chorizo Pasta Bake with Salad

Chicken and chorizo pasta bake is another favourite and the most popular recipe on my blog. I always make absolutely loads.

Friday – Leftovers

On Friday, I let Michael go out and play with some other boys on the street for the first time. He was so proud of himself. I spent an hour watching secretly from my bedroom window. Then he came in, and I heated up the last of the pasta bake, added some extra cheese and served with bread and butter, because nothing beats a pasta sandwich.

Saturday – Beef Bourguignon

I love beef bourguignon. Such rich flavours and melt in the mouth meat. But, my favourite thing about cooking it has got to be how great the house smells while it’s simmering away in the oven all afternoon. I serve with mashed potato and homemade bread. Perfect Saturday family dinner.

Sunday – Roast Beef

Roast beef and Yorkshire puddings. My ultimate favourite Sunday roast!

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