What We’re Eating Week Three

It’s been such a crazy weather week, hasn’t it? We’ve had crazy windy storms, mad rain, and 20 degrees with sunshine. I love summer, but I must admit, I’d rather proper autumn than this weird mixture. I go out in the morning in a scarf and waterproofs, only to find that I’m boiling by lunchtime. I also can’t stand driving in direct sun, so I’m wondering about in sunglasses and a woolly scarf.

It’s been a good week though. Busy, but nice. Husband went out on Thursday night. I’ve been trying to send him out for a while; it’s not something that he does that often. I miss him, but I did enjoy having a few hours by myself. I watched a lot of Downton Abbey and drank a whole bottle of prosecco.

We’ve started some Christmas shopping this week too. Well, kind of. It’s our wedding anniversary in October and then Husband and Robyn’s birthday in November, so I like to have all of those planned before I start working on Christmas. So, we’ve planned our wedding anniversary and I’ve been birthday shopping, so I’ve picked up a few Christmas bits and bobs along the way. Including the most wonderful Christmassy placemats from Ikea. They are beautiful. I tried to tell myself they weren’t that Christmassy and I could use them all year around. Then I started spotting Santa hats everywhere!

Michael’s had an awesome week this week too. We had a parents evening on Wednesday, which could not have been better. Then on Friday, he came home with two certificates for great work. He’s loving school so far this year so it’s lovely to see his hard work paying off. We made him a chocolate cake to celebrate his successes.

Monday – Beef Stew

We had so much beef over the weekend. I made the most gorgeous beef bourguignon on Saturday, and then roast beef on Sunday. There’s was plenty of both left, and lots of veg. A beef stew seemed the best way to use everything up and give us all a great comforting meal.

Tuesday – Stir-Fry

The kids love a stir-fry, they call noodles worms. I buy straight to wok noodles which makes it all so much easier when you are in a hurry.

Wednesday – Chicken Curry and Naan Breads

An easy chicken curry is a super simple fakeaway. Curry’s can be complicated, but, they don’t have to be. This recipe is easy, and my homemade naan bread is the perfect accompaniment.

Thursday – Pizza and Sweet Potato Fries

I was planning a takeaway while husband was out, but I always feel a bit silly ordering just for me. So, I got a meat feast stuffed crust pizza and some seasoned sweet potato wedges from Asda. Much cheaper, but still very little work on my part.

Friday – Turkey Chilli and Rice

We’ve somehow ended up with absolutely loads of leftovers in the freezer. To the point that I’m struggling to fit new shopping in. Turkey Chilli is yummy, and healthy. The kids had it with rice, but there wasn’t a huge amount left, so me and husband had chilli with baked potatoes and cheese, which is always fantastic.

Saturday – Blue Cheese Pasta

A few weeks ago I bought some giant pasta shells from Aldi. I’ve been looking for the perfect chance to use them up. Chicken and mushrooms with a simple blue cheese pasta sauce was absolutely perfect.

Sunday – Toad in the Hole

I really didn’t fancy cooking a Sunday roast this week. Me and the kids often go out on Sundays, then we come home, and I cook. Then we eat, and I work. It’s all so rushed and while I love all sitting down for a big roast, and the kids always eat everything they are given, I always feel rushed, and I’m often exhausted by the end of the day. Toad in the hole is filling, comforting and yum, without all the fuss.


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