What We’re Eating Week Four

The weather has been so strange this week. When we leave for school in the morning, it’s cold and grey. We’re in big coats and I’ve got the car heater on full. Which also means that traffic is a nightmare and it’s taking us 7 years to get to school in the morning. Then, by mid-afternoon, it’s hot and sunny and we’re all boiling. I don’t like it. As much as I prefer warmer weather, I can’t handle this two seasons every day.

We’ve had quite a nice week though. It’s been the first week that I’ve let Michael out to play on his own out front. He’s also been to a friends house for the afternoon. Michael makes friends really easily, in an hour in the park he’ll start playing with five people. But, he’s never had a proper best-friend before, who he’s played with all the time at school and wanted to see outside of school. So, it’s really nice to see him forming stronger bonds with people.

I’ve found this really confusing. I keep going to look out of the window to see if he’s ok when he’s out front, and me and Robyn have had the odd few hours on our own, when I’m not busy working. It’s quite nice, I miss my man though!

Food-wise, I’m making a valiant attempt to clear the freezer a little bit so that I can defrost it, so it’s been…interesting, and perhaps not particularly healthy. Fun though!

Monday 15th October – Fish Fingers/Leftovers

As part of operation empty freezer we had fish fingers, chips, and other leftover bits and bobs. Husband had leftover toad in the hole, and I ended up with cheese on toast. We normally all eat together, so it was funny all eating different things.

Tuesday – Pizza

school pizza

We had friends over for dinner on Tuesday, so we went for pizza, garlic bread, sweet potato wedges and coleslaw. I love making my own pizzas…but I didn’t. They were front Aldi!

Wednesday – Curry

Husbands son likes about three meals. So, Wednesday was curry again. As Wednesdays so often are. The less said about this the better I think.

Thursday – Roasted Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup

I HATE carving pumpkins. I don’t understand why you’d want to. I can handle raw meat quite happily, but that stringy crap inside pumpkins disgusts me. I can’t stand it. But, I love the taste of roasted pumpkin. So I braved it. A simple roasted pumpkin and sweet potato soup with homemade bread made a lovely comforting dinner.

Friday – Homemade Burgers

blue cheese and red onion jam beef burgers

Husband makes fantastic burgers, so we often have these when he’s off on a Friday. We had these with some red onion jam and cheese. Yummy.

Saturday – Fishcakes

Super Simple Salmon Fishcakes are an easy, healthy dinner!

Homemade fishcakes are healthy and tasty. I like to make a simple dill sauce to have with them. We’d had a lot of chips this week, so we had these with green beans and boiled potatoes.

Sunday – Roast Chicken

I like chicken, and it’s cheap which is always good. But, it’s the roast I find the most stressful. It doesn’t take long to cook like other meats, so I don’t feel like I’ve got time to get everything organised. Tastes great though.

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