Our Visit to Wentworth Garden Centre

It was our wedding anniversary last month. We spent it at Wentworth Garden Centre. When I was younger, my mum and dad used to take me to garden centres at the weekend, and I absolutely hated them. Honestly, I just couldn’t see the excitement. I’d never have thought I’d be going to one by choice, and even worse, taking my own kids!

But, Wentworth is a little different. It’s not just a garden centre. In fact, due to our lack of real garden, we spend a very very small amount of time in the traditional garden centre type bit. Instead, we shop, we look around the grounds, we visit the farm, and we eat cake! See, that doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Wentworth Garden Centre Goats

The Garden Centre

There are plants. The look pretty. My garden knowledge is absolutely shocking, but I’m sure it’s all very nice. They also have the cutest Christmas trees ever!

The Shop

Ah, the shop. There’s all the normal gifts and garden stuff. Then, there’s a brilliant little foodie shop with the most gorgeous jams, cheeses, wines, imagine the perfect luxury hamper goodies, it’s all there.

Christmas decorations red

Then, this time of year there’s the Christmas shop. It’s huge. The shop is laid out in colour coded sections.

Red and blue decorations

In each section, there’s a dressed tree, surrounded by rows of the decorations to buy.

Christmas decorations blue

Then, there’s another tree, the same but in different colours. It’s so pretty.

Christmas trees

Then at the back, there’s a collection of lights and Christmas trees. Honestly, we went at the end of October, and I started to feel all festive.


As well as the rather fantastical Christmas shop, there’s an Ice rink and a Santa to visit.

The Courtyard

Deli food

The courtyard area is great. There’s a restaurant too, but it’s always crazy busy, so we tend to go to the deli in the courtyard. They sell huge cakes. Husband gets excited, and I think picks whatever is biggest. But, I prefer something simple like a lemon drizzle which they do really well. They do a little picnic box for kids too, which a sandwich, drinks, pom-bears and a little chocolate.

The Farm

Wentworth Garden Centre pig

The farm at Wentworth is brilliant. It’s not the biggest, but for £2.50 entry, it’s amazing. It’s clean and tidy, the animals are happy and well cared for, and our Bobsy loves getting to feed them.


The farm area also includes a sandpit and a toddler play area.

Bobsy and animals

The Play Areas

toddler play area

The toddler play area is one of the best I’ve seen. It’s for ages up to 3, so no bigger kids bashing the little ones about. It’s clean, safe and just the right size for a toddler to explore while still getting a bit of a challenge. Bobsy loved climbing around and going down all of the little slides.

Outside of the farm area, there are other play areas for bigger kids (these are free) which are also great and well maintained. I haven’t taken The Boy yet, but I’m sure he’ll love it when I do.

The Grounds

If you fancy a walk, the Garden Centre is right next to Wentworth house, so you can go for a good walk around the grounds.

Wentworth Garden Centre isn’t a boring day out at all, there’s loads to do for all ages, and it’s a day out we absolutely love.

Wentworth Garden centre Tortoise

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