Top 10 Recipes from 2017

2017 has been my first full year blogging. For probably the first half of the year it was a little more random, with lots of crafts, updates and other bits and bobs. Around Summer time I decided to concentrate more on the foodie side of things. I love cooking and baking, especially coming up with new recipes and experimenting with old favourites. And I love writing about food. My food posts had always been the most popular and the ones I’d enjoyed creating the most. So, while I still blog about the occasional other thing, over time Bobsy’s Mum has naturally become more food focused.

It’s been really interesting to see which posts have become the most popular over the year. They’re not the ones I would have expected, nor are they all of my personal favourite recipes. Most of them are sweet, which is perhaps why I’ve gained about 20lbs this year!

So, here’s a look at the top 10 most popular recipes from 2017. Are any of your favourites in there?

Sticky Chocolate Fudge Loaf Cake

This has always been a popular one. It’s such a simple chocolate cake recipe that could easily be changed and added to. Just a great basis for any chocolate cake!

I never think I’m particularly good at cakes, but this one was amazing, and the fudge topping is so delightfully sticky. Perfect!

Hunky Husband’s Lemon Tart

This one is a bit of a shock. Husband actually prefers his other lemon tart, which I haven’t got around to blogging yet (one for 2018). But, this one is still pretty good! I love a fruit-based dessert and lemon is always refreshing, especially after a big meal.

Bakewell Flapjack

Me and the Boy used to make this one a lot. Flapjacks are so easy, and the almond in this gives it a brilliant Bakewell flavour.

Chocolate and Cherry Tiffin

Tiffin is fantastic. It’s easy, it’s perfect for making with the kids, and it’s super easy to adapt and add more to. We love this simple chocolate and cherry combination so I can see why it’s been so popular with others.


Getting this post ready has made me realise that I really need to do more bread. I love making bread, but I have a habit of sticking to what I know. I make loaves, flatbreads and naans regularly, but that’s about it lately.

These flatbreads are absolutely gorgeous. We have a habit of just picking at any that are left like a snack!

Halloumi Bake

halloumi bake

I must say, Halloumi cheese is one of my all-time favourites. It’s soooo good! This halloumi bake is a great way to get it into a meal. We do pretty much the same bake with chicken and sausages. It’s easy, full of flavour and nutrients, and one pan, which is always a bonus in my book!

Lemon Drizzle Cake

This is actually my favourite cake to make. I still do it quite regularly, and even with my limited cake skills, it never fails me. It’s moist, sweet and tangy. It also lasts really well because it’s so soft and gooey.

Easy Homemade Pizza

topped pizza

Over this year Michael has started to help out a lot more in the kitchen and pizza is his favourite thing to make. He helps me knead the dough, roll it out and spread the sauce. He’s a little boring with his toppings, but then me and Husband add absolutely everything to ours!

Butter Chicken Curry

finished butter chicken

I’d never made a curry until this year. I was always intimidated by the giant list of ingredients. But, once you start and your store starts building up, it’s much easier than you expect. Butter chicken is a favourite for the whole family. They love Korma too, but I think the Lamb Rogan Josh is my favourite so far! I’m definitely looking forward to trying more curries in 2018.

Toad in the Hole

This one surprised me when I saw it on my most popular post lists. As it’s so easy, I couldn’t see that people would need it. But, I can’t do a great Yorkshire pudding, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that other people are also looking for guidance. Husbands toad in the hole is such a treat for me as I can’t make them. I ask for them all the time, and he never disappoints.

So, those were my top 10 most popular posts of 2017. I wonder what 2018 will bring. I’m certainly looking forward to more cake, more bread, more curry and just generally more yummy family meals.



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