Toilet Roll Tube X-Wing

We’ve been stuck in with chicken pox since last Friday. I am going crazy! It’s just The Boy so far, but I’m expecting Bobsy to get it soon which I Know is a good thing but it means probably another week or two stuck at home. I’m not very good at being stuck in so I’ve been trying to find lots of things for us to do.

Fortunately, until now I’ve had quite a lot of work on. But today I woke up to a total nothing day. So, we decided to try our biggest toilet roll tube craft yet. The toilet roll tube X-wing.

I’m going to be honest here, I went into this one with no idea what I was doing. I wasn’t sure how I was going to attach the wings, how to paint it or what to make the middle bit out of. So, I was incredibly surprised and pleased by how amazingly well it turned out!

We went for Poe Dameron’s orange and black fighter for our toilet roll tube x-wing. Basically, because I had some black card and we thought the colours looked cool. But you could quite easily change them to white with blue or red for your own toilet roll tube x-wing. You could even go crazy and design your own.

You Will Need

  • Card
  • 4 Toilet roll tubes
  • PVA Glue
  • Masking tape
  • Paints
  • Pipe cleaners

toilet roll tube swing supplies

Firstly, cut some wings out of your card. I used cereal boxes for mine. If you do the same, you’ll need to make sure you cut double so you can stick 2 together and have card on both sides as the shiny side is hard to paint.  The shape doesn’t have to be perfect but make sure they fit into the toilet roll tubes and are long enough to go all the way through a tube and have enough left to fly.


Cut the wings out, stick the backs together if you need to and paint them and the toilet roll tubes black. Leave them to dry.

painted wings

I now rolled an A4 piece of black card into a tube shape and secured with masking tape before painting the tape black and leaving to dry. You could get the same result by taping 2 toilets roll tubes together or using a kitchen roll or other larger tube and then painting the whole thing black. Just make sure you use masking tape so you can paint it.

body of swing

One all these are dry paint on some cool orange stripes. Make sure to also paint the other side of your wings.

painted wings

Make 4 slits in the end of your centre tube and fold them into a point. Secure with masking tape. Paint the tape black.

taped point

Now everything is dry, use a small craft knife or scissors to very carefully make a slit in each side of your tube. You need to pass the wings through both sides of the tube. Then make a slit in the larger centre tube at the back, away from the point. Pass the wing through and fold the end to hold it in place. Repeat with all 4 tubes and wings.

back of swing

To finish I use masking tape to add shiny silver pipe cleaners to the ends of the wings for guns before once again painting the tape black.

xwing in flight

There you have it. An awesome Toilet roll tube x-wing!

toilet roll tube x-wing


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