Toilet Roll Tube Minions

I LOVE these. The toilet roll tube minions are definitely my new favourites. For some reason putting something on a toilet roll tube seems to make it instantly cuter and minions were pretty cute in the first place. The Bobsy is also slightly in love with our toilet roll tube minions.

We watched Minions on Saturday morning which inspired this week’s craft. Me and The Boy had seen it at the cinema when it first came out. He’s always been quite good at watching films at the cinema and yet totally incapable of sitting still at home so I was quite surprised that he happily sat and watched this. The Bobsy also came and sat on the sofa to watch. It was our first successful movie with both kids!

watching minions

Now, you may quickly notice that these are quite a lot better than my normal artistic endeavours. That’s because I didn’t do them. I painted the tubes yellow with The Boy then I went to have a lie down because I had a headache. I got back and husband had finished them for me! He’s a much better artist than me. He’s also a better chef than me. I’m basically a giant fake that steals husband’s talents for the good of my blog…except the bread. That’s all me. If you want to have a go at your own toilet roll tube minions,

You Will Need

  • Toilet Roll tubes
  • Paint
  • Googly eyes

toilet roll tube minions supplies

First, you need to paint the tubes yellow. With lighter colours, I sometimes find they need two coats but this depends on how good the coverage of your paint is. When done, leave them to dry while you have a cup of tea. Or, in my case a two-hour nap!


Then, paint on the blue dungarees or trousers. Leave some yellow bits for their arms.

toilet roll tube minion legs

Stick the googly eyes in place remembering that minions are all different. So, give some one eye instead of two. We used large googly eyes we got in a pack from Asda but you could just paint eyes on instead.

minion eyes

Once these are dry, paint silver frames around for the goggles.

minion goggles

Finally, add black details and a black band around the goggles and there you have it. Super cute toilet roll tube minions. The Boy tells me ours are Stuart, Bob and Kevin!

toilet roll tube minions craft

Two Tiny Hands

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6 thoughts on “Toilet Roll Tube Minions”

  • Ahh they are cute! Do you make sure the husband takes the pictures as he goes along too!!? This is a genius idea, I now have to work out how I can get my one involved in blogger tasks too!
    My little doesn’t do movies yet, I am looking forward to this aspect of parenting though!

    ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    • haha yes, he’s very well trained. I suppose because we do some of the foodie stuff together, he’s used to be screaming “stop, don’t do the next bit until we’ve got a photo!”

      I love watching films together. Even more so now he’s starting to enjoy more grown up family films. I can’t wait for Harry Potter days

  • Oh what fun! All my kids know about Minions is their love for bananas going “BANANA!” every time we eat one. I’ll definitely save some rolls and try these next time. Thanks. #familyfunlinky

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