Toilet Roll Tube Knights

Where possible we try to keep our toilet roll crafts seasonal. At Christmas, we had snowmen and an advent calendar, approaching Easter we made chicks and bunny’s and now there are toilet roll tube knights. While knights may not seem seasonal to the rest of you, they are a big part of our Easter. We’re not a religious family. While I do like it as a celebration of new life and welcoming Springtime I don’t celebrate the religious side. So, we buy Easter eggs and spend time as a family but, it’s just the four of us and there isn’t a special dinner.

Instead, on Easter Sunday we go to The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds. While we love the museum all year round during the Easter weekend it’s extra special. They host a jousting tournament. Knights come from around the world to compete, there are jesters, judges and musicians. Everyone is dressed up and it’s all very realistic. The tournament itself is wonderful and there’s plenty going on in the museum in terms of demonstrations and performances. It’s an amazing day out and The Boy especially loves it.

So, at the start of this week when Hunky Husband pointed out that we have 100003 toilet roll tubes saved as I haven’t done a craft with them for a while, this was the obvious choice. I will admit, they aren’t my best (in my honest opinion that is still the Star Wars characters!) and their heads look a bit…. teletubbish, they were fun and you can at least tell what they are meant to be. There is also a lot you could do with them. I’ve stuck to swords but if you have a little more artistic talent you could make other weaponry. For the basic toilet roll tube knights,

You will need:

  • Toilet roll tubes
  • Card
  • Paints
  • Glue
  • Coloured Pens
  • Feathers

supplies for toilet roll tube knights

Firstly, paint the tubes silver and put them to one side to dry.

silver tubes

During this time cut the rest of your shapes out of the card. You’ll need a straight piece to wrap around the tube to create a sword arm, (make sure it’s long enough but I found about 1cm deep down the long side of an A4 piece of card was enough to do 2 toilet rolls tubes when cut in half), feet, weapons and heads and shoulders. That was the bit my limited art skills struggled with!

Paint all of these silver too and leave them all to dry.


Once dry, add a face to the heads with paint and paint some black detail to create a helmet. When this is dry add a face and use masking tape to secure a feather to the back of the helmet.

knight heads

Make a small fold at the end of one side of the arm piece and secure with tape. This is to hold the sword.

arm and sword

Once all the paint is dry, fold a little bit of the feet over and either tape or glue that flap to the inside of the tube so it has feet. Glue the arms to the back and tape the shoulder piece of the head to the inside of the top of the tube, so the head sticks out.

Place the sword in the hand. To finish them off The Boy designed some shields and we stuck them to the bodies. There you have it, slightly scary, Teletubby headed, toilet roll tube knights.

toilet roll tube knights

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