Toilet Roll Tube Houses

It’s toilet roll tube craft of the week! I had a week off last week because I’m attempting to save enough tubes to make an advent calendar with them before the 1st of December. But we’ve all been a little poorly this weekend and didn’t fancy doing much, so we’ve returned to our old favourite easy crafting. This week we decided to go for toilet roll tube houses, as a change from our normal people based crafts.

These are really cute little houses, and there’s a lot you can change and do differently. I’ve got a pack of really cool patterned card from the range (£1.99 and I use it for everything, well worth a look!) but you could draw your own, as well as changing the windows and doors.toilet roll tube house bits

You Will Need:

  • Toilet Roll Tubes
  • Paints
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Card
  • Pens

Firstly, paint your toilet roll tubes, these can either be all one colour or go crazy and do some cool patterns.

painted tubes

While they’re drying, draw some windows on the card and cut them out. If you ever needed evidence of my lack of artistic ability, note I can’t even draw a window neatly!


Then make the rooftops. I drew around a kid’s bowl on my patterned card, and cut it out. Then fold into 4 to find the centre. Next using the centre point, cut out a wedge. Then fold it round, and put a bit of glue on where the edges overlap. This took me a ridiculous amount of time to figure out. But, once you’ve done one it’s easy to do the rest.

toilet roll tube house roof tops

Once the tubes are dry, glue on the windows and cut out a door. Then Put a little glue around the top edge of the tube, press the roof on a hold in place for about 10 seconds until it starts to stick. I used superglue for mine because I’m exceptionally impatient and kept moving before they were ready.

Note…The Lego men don’t actually fit through my doors…make bigger doors!



My Petit Canard
Two Tiny Hands

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