Toilet Roll Tube Heart Garland

We haven’t done a toilet roll tube craft for a while. While we were in house move mode we were even throwing them away. I refused to pack toilet roll tubes!! But, we’ve been saving them again for the 3 weeks we’ve lived here, so we’ve got loads.

Instead of going for our usual characters, we decided to chop them up and try something a little more artistic. But, please do remember that we are hugely artistically challenged. Someone with a little more skill could probably make a really lovely toilet roll tube heart garland. We failed slightly. But, it’s still hanging on Bobsy’s Window! If you do make your own toilet roll tube heart garland, please do send me a picture. I’d love to see how great it could look.

hanging toilet roll tube heart garland

You Will Need

  • Toilet roll tubes, or other card tubes
  • Glue
  • Pegs
  • Paint
  • Scissors

what you need to make a toilet roll tube heart garland

The more tubes you use, the longer you can make the garland. We used five, but more would have been great.

Cut the tubes length ways and flatten them out a little so they are easier to paint. You could paint them all the same colour but we decided to make ours as colourful as possible. Paint both sides of the tubes and leave them to dry.

cut tube length ways


When dry, cut into long strips. Each tube cuts into five strips easily.

put painted tubes

Then, fold the first into a heart, so they meet in the centre bit, and glue. Put a normal clothes peg on the glued bit to hold in place until it’s dry. Now, thread the next strip of card through and again, glue into a heart shape securing with another peg.

pegs holding together toilet roll tube heart garland

You could do them all at once, but I did about 10 at a time…because I had washing hung out and needed the pegs!


Once dried, remove the pegs and hang somewhere pretty. Our toilet roll heart garland is currently hung from the handle of The Bobsy’s window. Despite our awful creative skills, it looks quite pretty in the sunshine.

finished toilet roll tube heart garland



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