Dinosaur Hunter Toilet Roll Tube Binoculars

We made fossils last week, which was an awesome activity. We’ve since been hiding them around the house to play excavations! The Boy absolutely loves dinosaurs, so this keeps him occupied for hours. He’s even talking about writing a book to catalogue his findings! So, obviously, what he needed was some toilet roll tube binoculars to help him find more!

We always love a toilet roll tube craft. They’re simple, you don’t need lots of supplies and it’s a free activity that keeps everyone happy for a bit. Toilet roll tube binoculars are even better as they can be played with and fit in with one of our other crafts.

You Will Need

  • 2 Toilet roll tubes
  • Glue
  • Pegs
  • Card
  • Scissors
  • Paints
  • Pipe cleaners

toilet roll tube binocular supplies

Now, you don’t need pipe cleaners. String would probably be better. But, we didn’t have any and it was raining, so we made do! When it comes to painting, we went for brown and green to camouflage them. But, if your toilet roll tube binoculars will be used for something other than dinosaur hunting, you could paint them prettier colours. I might make some pink ones just to make up for this dull set!

When we made our toilet roll tube heart garland, I discovered the brilliance that is using clothes pegs to hold things in place while they dry. I’ve used it again here, it’s so simple and works really well. I don’t understand why it never occurred to me before!

Anyway, to start, cut a piece of card, not quite as wide and the tubes are long (leave around half a cm top and bottom) and long enough to wrap around the 2 tubes with a little space between them.


Put a line of glue on the tops and bottoms of both tubes, length ways, and wrap the card around. Using your pegs to secure it in place and hold it while it dries.


Once dry, remove the pegs and use a pen to make 2 holes. One in each tube, level with each other. Thread your string (or in my case 3 pipe cleaners wrapped together) through these holes. Making sure it’s long enough o go around your neck…. Your child’s neck. Unless you want to wear them. Which is cool!

toilet roll tube binoculars

Then, simply paint your toilet roll tube binoculars and leave them to dry until you are ready to go discovering!

toilet roll tube binocular guide



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