Time-Saving Measures For Household Cleaning & Maintenance

There are so many more interesting things in life than household chores and maintenance. You could be spending your time playing with your children, catching up on reading, or just sitting in front of the latest must-see TV show. All far more exciting and mentally stimulating than going through the same old chores routine you have been doing for years.


Given that so many more entertaining tasks await you, it’s worth examining your usual routine of chores and seeing if there is anything you can do to reduce the time that they take. By reducing the amount of time you spend doing the things you don’t want to do, you earn more time to dedicate to the things you do want to do.

So what changes can you make to reduce the time your chores take, and just how big of a difference can it really allow for? Here are a few ideas to get you spending more time on the pursuits you enjoy, by freeing up space in your chores diary.

Idea #1 – No More Mowing The Grass

Having a garden and outdoor space is wonderful – for the most part. It’s a delight on those balmy summer days when you can relax, the kids splashing in a paddling pool. A garden is less of a delight, however, when you have to drag yourself outdoors to push a lawnmower around.

One option would be to switch from a normal grass lawn to something like LazyLawn artificial grass. You can still have the look and enjoyment of a lawn, but without any of the maintenance required to keep it looking good.

Time Saved: Roughly one hour per week.

Idea #2 – Switch To Steam

One of the most time-consuming parts of a cleaning routine is the need to scrub. Whether it’s soap scum or stains in the kitchen, you have to pause in your whip around with a cloth, and spend time exerting some elbow grease. If only there was some way you could just immediately blast stains away…

… Ah, that’s right: there is. Steam cleaning can make removing even the most stubborn of stains a doddle. Invest in a good, mid-range steam cleaner; you’ll soon speed through tasks with a blast of steam. Rather than being weighed down by the need to pause and scrub.

Time Saved: At least five minutes per stain.

Idea #3 – Clean More

Yes, that might sound a little bit odd. The whole idea is meant to be reducing the time you spend cleaning – so what good is it going to do you to actively choose to clean more?

You’ll actually find it quite beneficial. Cleaning tends to take longer when it’s left to build up. As it takes more time to remove layers of grime. A lot of people allow mess to build up during the week, then dedicate a couple of hours to getting rid of it over the weekend. This isn’t a good idea, time-wise. It’s far quicker in terms of overall hours spent on a task to switch to doing a little bit every day.

Time Saved: Potentially an hour a week, as you can forgo the usual weekend blitz.

What other time-saving methods for cleaning have you found to be the most effective?

*This is a collaborated post.

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