Tidy with Dusty Review

When I was asked to if I wanted to review a toy that would help tidy up, I was…gleeful. I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up of hearing “I can’t tidy up, there’s too much mess!” and even more tired of saying “you shouldn’t have made the mess if you don’t want to clear it up” and hating myself for turning into my mum. Dusty promised to help make tidying fun. I quickly accepted and looked forward to receiving our Dusty.

About Dusty

I didn’t know much about Dusty before he arrived, to be honest. But as soon as we opened the box, The Boy started telling me all about him. He’s evidentially seen adverts on TV. I must blank them out!

Dusty, from Jakks Toys, “eats” mess while speaking and singing tunes. He then dumps the mess in a nice little pile, or into their usual home.

He looks like a good old-fashioned dumper truck and is super easy to use. You push him alone, he speaks to you in a fun voice, and as he moves over the mess, he scoops it up. He can “eat” anything up to 2 inches tall, and for anything too small to be collected, he’s got a handy chimney you can pop them down to add to his collection.

The Verdict

Well. I don’t like to admit that I’m wrong. But, when it comes to Dusty I was quite wrong. I think sometimes it’s hard to think like a child. I didn’t really get it. But then I suppose tidying up is just a normal way of life to me and after his constant moaning, I couldn’t see The Boy ever thinking tidying could be fun.

But, you know what? Tidying up was fun.

His little face, when I told him I needed him to make a huge Lego mess, was one of sheer delight. He’d never heard me say such a thing before! He then spent ages pushing Dusty over the Legos to pick them up. Just to make a mess and do it again. All afternoon he kept saying “I think Dusty will need a snack” and using him to pick something else up. He really loved it.

At nearly 2, Bobsy was a little young to get the point of Dusty. But, she still loved pushing him around the kitchen listening to him speak to her.

We’ve had Dusty for a few weeks now, and every afternoon when I say “is your room a mess?” Knowing full well there’s going to be Lego all over the floor; he replies: “yeah I’ll just get Dusty to help me tidy up.” I don’t have to supervise, the job gets done, and there’s no moaning, what could be better?

My Recommendation

If your kids have lots of little toys, like Lego, Dusty really can make tidying them up fun. Yes, the kids might keep making a mess, but at least they’ll pick them up again later! If your kids are a little younger, they’ll still love playing with Dusty like all young children love dumper trucks. Then, as they get older and their toys get smaller Dusty will be able to start eating them all up.

I can see this one providing my kids with hours of fun!

You can find out more about Dusty at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9wBjTFVJdY and buy him from all of the bigger toy shops for around £39.99.

*Dusty was gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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