10 Things I Love About Spring

Consider this a follow on from 10 Things I Hate About Winter. I love Spring. In some ways more than Summer, which can sometimes be a little too hot and hopelessly disappointing when it rains. Spring, is fantastic! Here are 10 of my favourite things about Springtime.

#1 It’s Not Winter

Just that really. It hasn’t even been a particularly bad Winter but it seems to have lasted forever and I’ve had enough!

#2 It’s OK if it Rains

In Summer, there’s this expectation that the weather must always be lovely. When it rains we’re disappointed. Especially if it rains on a special day. In Spring, while the weather is better but we’re not surprised if it rains. It doesn’t spoil anything.

#3 Easter

I’m not remotely religious. But I do love Easter. Not just the chocolate. Also, the celebration of new life. It’s heart-warming after the harsh, dull winter months. Safe to safe, I do mainly love the chocolate. Especially if it’s in a mug. I really like Old school in a mug Easter Eggs. Which don’t seem to be anywhere near as popular as they once were.

#4 Lighter Evenings

This is one of my absolute favourites. I hate those days when it just seems to be dark all the time. I feel a bit like I can’t be out after 4 pm. Especially If I’ve got the kids. In Spring if Hunky Husband gets home at 6, there’s still time for me to go out for a run before it gets dark. It’s almost like you get more life.

#5 Hanging Washing Out

We don’t have a garden as we live in a flat. We do have a little courtyard but our neighbours must go out to hang their washing out at about 5 am. So, we never actually get a chance to do this. But I imagine it must be lovely.

#6 Sleeping with the Window Open

I’d quite happily do this all year around but Hunky Husband won’t let me. He says having the window open when it’s cold leads to aches and pains (yes, he is older than me). So, it’s great in Spring when I’m allowed.

#7 Flowers

I love just walking around and everything being bright. There’re daisys and daffodils everywhere. Trees are bright green. The grass is fresh and healthy. The world just looks much nicer in Springtime.

#8 Being Outside

Isn’t it great? I’m terrible in Winter for making excuses to stay in. As soon as it gets warmer I start walking to the shops and just going out for nice walks. It’s so much nicer and so much easier. There’s no need to bundle everyone up against the wind, just head straight out.

happy in the sun

#9 Not Boiling in Shops

One thing I really hate about winter is going into shops or getting on buses and absolutely boiling. I completely understand it. I worked in a shop for a while and we’d have our heating on so the staff didn’t freeze to death. But as a customer, you’re going in in a coat, hat, scarf and gloves. Buses are the worst. When the heating is on and 1000 people are sat there in all their layers feeling sick. I much prefer it in Spring when the windows are open.

#10 Clothes

Not having to wear layers is great. I love going out without a coat on. But also, the amount of clothes you get to wear. Summer outfits with a jacket or jumper. Winter dresses, without jumpers or tights. These middle seasons just give you so many options. Wear your winter boots with a Summer dress, it’s fine!

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