The Things I Love About Christmas

Last year I wrote a list of my favourite things about Christmas. A few of those things may well appear on this list too. Then next year, I’ll do it again. I basically love writing about Christmas!

Looking at last year’s list made me realise how uncrafty I’ve been this year. Last year we loved our Christmas themed crafts. This year, we’ve done nothing! Actually, I don’t think we’ve done any proper crafting since the summer, so this may have to change this weekend.

We haven’t really done much family baking either. I’ve made Stollen and Jams, but the kids have only helped with my Gingerbread Snowflakes. I’ve just been so busy trying to get things done that I now realise that a lot of what we love has been left out. So, baking and crafting here we come!

The Santa Visit


I love taking The Boy to see Santa. I’m very aware that at nearly 7, there may not be many years left, but I think this year it has reached peak excitement! He was literally jumping up and down while we were waiting and then could barely look at Santa inside he was so star struck.

The Bobsy cried her eyes out in absolute terror. But that’s another matter! Hopefully next year she’ll enjoy it a little more.

Putting Things Off

This is perhaps a slightly alternative thing to love about Christmas time, but never the less, I do! With so much to do, you can get away with putting everything else off. I’ve been saying “I’ll go to the dentist in the new year” since about March and I’ve recently added getting my eyes tested to the “to do in the new year” list. You could easily do these things over Christmas time now places only close for a day or two, but putting them off in favour of fun is great!

The Gym is Closed

I hadn’t really thought about this until yesterday. I joined the gym a few months ago, and I’ve been really enjoying it. Some weeks I only manage to go once, but I try to make the most of whatever time I’ve got. Then, a few weeks ago I read a sign saying they were closed 24th-2nd. Yesterday they gave me a flyer saying while they are closed I can use my membership in other gyms around the city. LOL! As much as I enjoy it, no thanks!

Time Off

time off, relaxing

As a self-employed person, I don’t get a huge amount of time off. I had a week off in October, but that’s it for well over a year. I’m either writing, blogging or something else, all of the time. There’s not a day that I don’t do something work-related. This year I’m having Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing day off. I may not even switch my laptop on. Husband also has these days off, so it will be the first time we’ve ever had more than Christmas day together.

Homemade Gifts


We started making gifts one year when we were very poor. We’ve carried it on! We’re not quite as poor now, but with two kid’s things can get very expensive. So, we buy for the kids, and my friend’s son, and we get our parents a small gift from the kids, and we make everything else. This year I’ve gone for jams and Gingerbread, I may try some small stollen’s too if I can make time. Last year I did brownies.

This has hit stress point slightly this week, however. At the start of December, when everyone else is running around shopping like mad, I’m totally chilled. Just adding the odd ingredient to my shopping. But, you have to make some things fresh. My freezer is currently full of Jam that I made in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep. All labelled and ready to go. The gingerbread dough is frozen into portions, so just needs rolling, cutting and baking the day before I see the people receiving it.  But the stollen I want to make fresh, so I have to work out when I’m seeing people and spend the day before baking.

If ever you choose to make gifts, don’t do food!


The Husband and I have had our festive trip to see Star Wars, which is a nice every other year tradition. Me and Jo are going for our Christmas night out at the weekend. I know these are just two nights out, but we don’t do it that often anymore, so two in a week is huge!

Husband also has his work night out on Monday so I can watch whatever I want on Netflix.


Cut Stollen

There’s food everywhere! Christmas Cake, Yule Log, Stollen, Mince Pies, Cheese. It’s fantastic! Although I must say, it does mean I’m working on fewer recipes, and we’re eating stews, casseroles and spaghetti Bolognese!

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