The Bobsy is Two!!

When I started Bobsy updates, she was little and everything was exciting. Now, suddenly, she’s two. Her birthday is the same day as her dad’s, so it’s a hectic week getting everything in. But, we always have an extra lovely time.

I can’t believe she’s two already. I know life always passes faster once you’ve had kids, but since The Boy started school (a few weeks before I had Bobsy) life has flown. In two years’ time, we’ll be applying for schools again. It’s crazy and my tiny baby is no more.


She says so much now. Sentences are coming, and she can repeat near enough anything, or at least give it a good go. She’s not conversational yet, but she can say what she needs. Mainly “chocolate cake now mommy?” or “where has Jelly gone?” This has been the biggest change over the last few months, she speaks so well and is constantly picking new things up.


We bought her a play kitchen set for her birthday which she loves. She really likes pretend play. Toys are definitely getting more fun!


She’s such a cheeky little madam! Her little personality is growing all of the time. She’s a good girl, most of the time. Just very very sweet and cheeky. With the cheekiest little giggle, ever. You can already tell that she’s going to be able to wrap everyone around her little finger.

She’s also incredibly independent, she wants to do everything herself and refuses help!


On her first birthday, Bobsy I think had one tooth. She was a very late teether. Then, a few more came quite quickly, so she had four front top and bottom, eight total and we thought she was catching up. That was it. Last week she still only had eight teeth. Then, suddenly they started popping through and now she’s got about 13 I think. Teething doesn’t seem to be bothering her much.


We’re having a few eating issues. Bobsy has always been an amazing eater, and she still isn’t fussy as such. She just wants cake all of the time. We bought her a little table and chairs to eat at. So now she can get up, she’s not strapped in. So, she does get up and just point blank refuses to eat. This isn’t helped by all the cake that’s been around lately. She just thinks that she can eat cake all the time and won’t accept anything else. We’re trying to be strict with her, so there’s been a few bed with no dinner nights this week. Which don’t seem to bother her at all!

Everything Else

She’s so beautiful with her lovely hair and smile. She’s so clever and happy and generally wonderful. She sleeps brilliantly and gives us cuddles and kisses. She’s a fantastic little girl. Bring on these terrible twos!

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