The Bobsy at 22 Months

I’m aware that I say this every time I write one of these, and it must be slightly annoying, but it’s also the point of writing them – she’s changed and grown up so much! The last two months have been great. Daddy’s been around a lot more than she’s used to, which she loves. She runs to him as soon as she hears the door. We’ve been on holiday, seeing new things and exploring, and we’ve been outside loads. I love the summer time; I think kids really thrive when they can get out more.

Bobsy in the sun


She’s finally settled in the bed. I’m well aware that it was only tough for a few weeks and some of you have been coping with sleeping issues for years. But, it still feels like a finally to us. She now gets in happily, lies awake chatting to her teddies for a bit and then goes to sleep when she’s ready. She doesn’t make a fuss or get out of bed. Weirdly, it’s the same as The Boy used to do. Which has over time turned into him reading in bed.

I did find her on the floor the other night. But apart from that, perfect! She’s even sleeping a little later (7 am!!) some mornings.


bobsy playing on the beach

This month she’s been loving playing with her dolls. She feeds them, brushes their hair and talks to them. Watching her is lovely. She’s also much more aware of toys. There’s a Belle doll that she goes mad for every time she sees it in a shop. She’s spent a little time with other kids this month, which she rarely does except The Boy and other older kids. At one point, she was a little scared of other children, but now she talks to them and tries to join in. Her and my friend’s little boy were giving each other lovely kisses last week.


Bobsy eating fish pie

She is eating sandwiches again. Which is the only thing she didn’t like before, so now her eating is perfect!

eating fish and chips on the beach


While on holiday we had a few days out she enjoyed. She loved talking to the fish at the sea life centre and chasing model trains at the railway museum. She’s much keener to see new things and explore. Which is a bit of a pain when you want her to go one way, but there is something fun the other way!

bobsy and the boy feeding at the farm

She’s even starting to enjoy the bath. As a baby, Bobsy loved baths. Then probably about nine months ago now she decided she hated them (and swimming, which I really need to brave again soon). She’d scream and scream. Now, she plays again. She won’t sit down yet, but she bends to put water in a jug to pour or to touch the bubbles. We’re getting there.

bobsy playing in water


Her speech has been the biggest change. We’ve had the odd word for a while, but now they are coming fast. She says anything she hears a lot, can repeat things quickly and knows more animal noises and body parts. It’s come out of nowhere, but every day she probably says five new words.


I’m expecting even more changes as we approach her first birthday as she will be going to a childminder for a few hours a week soon. I think time with other kids her age will do her so much good!


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