The Bobsy at 20 Months

I didn’t write a 19-month Bobsy update. This was in part because we were busy moving and I was neglecting my poor blog horribly. But, it was also because she doesn’t really change as much in a month anymore. It’s funny, in the first few days, the changes come fast, then suddenly they seem the same week to week, and then by The Boy’s age, months and months go by and while he is learning and developing, there aren’t such obvious changes.

However, looking back now, from 18 months, Bobsy has changed an awful lot. She is very much a little girl now with a huge personality! Here is what The Bobsy is up to at 20 months.


Settling in

To be honest, I’d expected moving to a new house to affect the kids more. It hasn’t at all. Aside from the bed, which I will get to, she isn’t bothered. She acted like this was home from day one. She loves playing out in the garden and going up and down the stairs (neither of which we had before). And, she knows which house is ours when we walk home and exactly where mummy parks the car. I’m amazed by how well she has settled.



She doesn’t stop! At the moment, she’s obsessed with raisins! She brings her bowl into the kitchen shouting “more more” and pointing at them.

Her diet is incredible. She eats plenty of fruit and veg so we’ve been surprised that she’s been having a lot of trouble with constipation. After about a week of her struggling, and crying her little eyes out when trying to poo I took her to the Dr who prescribed some powders to put in her drinks. They did work well, to the point that we tried to wean her off them. But, now she’s struggling again so looks like we’re heading back to get some more.

eating 20 months


We bought her a big girl bed when we moved. Planning to wait until she settled. But, then she slept well here from the start. So, we went for it. First two nights, she slept perfectly in it. So, we got rid of the cot. She’s hated it since. She will only stay in it and settle if one of us sits on the end of her bed. This can take hours. Last night, we shut her door and left her for a bit. She screamed, but after around 15 minutes when I did go to sit on her bed, she was asleep within 10. So, this is the plan going forward. Leave her on her own for a bit, then go into her. It seems to work.

big girl bed

The only problem is when she wakes in the night, instead of just settling herself as she always has, she panics that she’s alone because one of us was there when she went to sleep. Then we have to start all over again. It’s fun! I do feel for all of you with bad sleepers. It’s been a week and I’m struggling, I realise some of you have had much worse for years!

sleeping 20 months


She’s walking a lot more now. I’ve got a car, so we drive the long stuff and she walks once we’ve parked. This means she’s barely using the pram, which is great. She’s also getting really good at remembering where things are. Like, she walks straight to the car, or to The Boy’s class at school. It’s lovely.

walking 20 months


She loves playing all her normal things, but outside. She’ll play out there happily for ages. She still loves colouring and playing with all her little people. She also loves to sit and read books now.

playing at 20 months


Bobsy’s speech is coming on so quickly now. I’d say this is probably her biggest change. It’s not totally clear, but I can understand her perfectly. She says “shoes” “juice” “down” “out” “yes” “no” “more” and all the other things she needs. She can name body parts such as “eyes” “nose” “mouth” “hair” and “belly” and even says “there jelly is” and “where dog gone?”. Again, not completely clear, but enough that you can understand her.

20 months cheeky

The Bobsy is a real, strong willed, independent little girl. Her personality is growing all of the time, and I’m excited to see what will come in the next few months. Hopefully a bit more sleep!

bobsy talking 20 months

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