How to Survive Being Unwell as a Parent

So far, I’ve been very fortunate that whenever I’ve been really ill, I’ve had help. When I was pregnant with Bobs, I had quite a severe stomach infection and ended up in hospital, where I naturally caught the flu. But, I was lucky enough that husband could take time off work to look after me.

Him working as a chef means that we’ve had long periods of time when he’s been working horrible hours, but, it’s also meant that his workplace could get an agency chef in when needed. That said, even having a bad cold as a parent is bloody awful. Let’s be honest, even having a hangover when you’ve got to get up early with the kids is so much harder than it was in your single, carefree days when you could sleep until lunch.

So, here are some tips for coping when you are poorly, and the kids are at home.

Have a Shower

When you’re ill, it’s very tempting to lie about in your pj’s all day. And in some cases, that’s a good idea; you need as much rest as possible. But, if it’s just a cold, do your best to get up and have a shower. The simple act of showering and getting dressed can be all it takes to feel refreshed and at least a little better, even if you have to force yourself.

Order Online

When you’ve got young children, getting out to the doctors when you are poorly can be pretty much impossible. But without advice and medication, you might struggle to feel better. Online pharmacies give you a fantastic option. You can look up your symptoms, get advice and even order medication to be delivered straight to your door.

Ask for Help

Even if your partner has to work, other help is available. Ask your child’s childcare provider if they can have them extra, utilize after school clubs, call on your parents, friends, and in-laws. They’ll understand and be only too willing to help. Accept it. Don’t try to do it all alone. You need a break.

Disney Day

When The Boy and I lived alone, I had a period of depression. When it was bad, I struggled to get out of bed. But then, I started to get better, and still had days where I just needed to do nothing. We’d take all of our blankets into the living room and watch all of our favourite Disney DVDs. He probably wouldn’t have that now. Bobsy would happily watch Moana all day, but for The Boy, it’d need to be power rangers. Whatever it takes to keep them happy and quiet, let them watch it.

Lower Your Standards

Slow down. Let yourself do as little as you possibly can and don’t feel bad about it. Don’t do any housework, order takeout for dinner, do nothing.

Tell Your Kids

Young children understand much more than you think. Perhaps not the details, but if I’m upset, Bobsy at 18 months would come and cuddle me. If you are feeling poorly, tell them. They might well help you out!

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