It’s Surprisingly Easy Being Green – If You Have the Right Tools and Equipment

If you happen to pass a beautiful looking garden, you’re likely to make a common assumption: that the person living in the house is retired and has a little more time on their hands for tending to their lawn and borders. But this isn’t necessarily the case. Crafting a stunning garden is surprisingly simple and isn’t exactly time-consuming, especially if you have the right tools and equipment on hand. So, if you aspire to achieve a neat, tidy and aesthetically pleasing garden, here are a few things that you might want to stock up on.

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A Lawnmower

Okay, you can get gardeners in to trim the lawn. But think about it. This simple task needs to be carried out regularly: around every couple of weeks. So you could save yourself a lot of cash by investing in a high-quality lawn mower and doing this menial task yourself. First, work out what your lawn size is: small, medium or large. This will determine the kind of mower you should opt for. The smaller your lawn, the smaller the lawnmower you will need. There’s no point attempting to trim a huge expanse of grass with a tiny mower. That’s just common sense: it’ll take you forever.

Next, you should decide how you want to power your motor. Do you want it to have an engine, or run electronically? Having an engine powered mower will give you more freedom of movement, as you won’t have to worry about using extension cords. You also don’t have to worry about mowing over wires attached to your lawnmower. Electrically charged mowers, on the other hand, are much more environmentally friendly, and you don’t have to worry about the messy business of refilling it. For more tips to aid you in your purchase, check out how to choose a lawnmower.

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A Hose

We’re all familiar with the effort of having to run to and from your kitchen, refilling watering cans. Watering cans are great for small jobs, but when you have a larger garden to keep refreshed, a hose will complete the job much more quickly. Most hoses will have an arrangement of fittings that you can attach, limiting the flow of water to suit different jobs. If you’re watering a bed, a standard hose can be used to douse the compost or mud. If you have more delicate flowers or hanging baskets, however, you will want a head with a sprinkler set to spritz the plants in a more delicate fashion.

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Pruning Scissors

Most people who are unfamiliar with gardening will believe that to grow stunning trees and flowering plants, you simply have to plant things and leave them to their own devices. But to achieve a beautiful green landscape out back in as quick a time as possible, you will need to get pruning. Pruning scissors, also known as pruning shears or secateurs are specialist cutting devices for use on tough branches and plants. Pruning during the winter gives plants a vigorous boost in growth as spring approaches.

These three additions to your gardening kit will make creating a beautiful garden easier than ever before. You’ll begin to notice the difference surprisingly quickly.

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