How to Spend a Night Without the Mister

Me and Hunky Husband are that couple that does everything together. We very rarely go out without each other so when we do it always seems a little weird. We’re not adverse to the idea as such. I like that he has hobbies and friends, and I’m pretty sure he feels the same. But, we just like being together a lot.

I suppose in part it’s because, for the first few years of our relationship, he worked really long, hugely unsociable hours. So, I had near enough every evening on my own. So now I like to make the most of it.

This week, he told me he was going out (I think he actually asked, but that makes me sound like a bit of a cow…) and my first reaction was, “oooo it’ll be nice to have an evening on my own again”. But, when it actually came around, I found I was a little unsure of what to do with myself. So, I did what all good bloggers do and wrote a list!

Read a Book

We sometimes curl up on the sofa together, me with a book and him usually a magazine. It’s lovely. But, it’s not quite the same as doing it on your own, is it? When I’m on my own, I like to stretch out on the sofa and read. I’m a big reader, and it’s something I find really relaxing. I don’t know why but when I’m watching TV, I’m often only giving it half of my attention. I’ll be checking my phone and reading notifications the whole time. When I read, I forget everything else and lose myself.


For me, this completely depends on my mood, and what husband is doing. When he worked late, I’d sometimes bake him a surprise for when he got in. I love baking; it’s a brilliant way to pass the time. However, if he’s out drinking with his friends, he does not deserve my baked goods, he has his treat already!

Watch a Guilty Pleasure

You know, those shows (normally on Netflix in my case) that you quite simply cannot subject the husband to? When Bobsy was little, and I was up late breastfeeding, and alone a lot with Husband working I started watching Pretty Little Liars. It’s awful, but I couldn’t stop.

Take a Bath

I love a bath. I’d lie there for hours. When husbands in I feel a bit like once the kids are in bed, I should give him my attention. And by my attention I obviously mean sit next to him ignoring him completely while I play with my blog! But it means I don’t often take that long and luxurious soak. If he’s going out, I’m pouring the bubbles in before he’s even locked the door!

Online Games

I like a silly game. Crossy road, temple run, the proper don’t need you brain addictive types. I could honestly lose days. There are, however, all sorts of online games out there, from Bingo to huge multiplayer geek things.

Adult Colouring

Is this still a big thing? I remember a few years ago it was the thing. And to be honest, I really liked it. When I was pregnant and spending most evenings alone, my mum bought me a book and some pencils, and I did find it very very soothing.


Go to bed and stretch out. Enjoy having the bed to yourself and get some extra rest.

Whatever you do, try to make sure it includes wine and chocolate!

*This is a collaborated post



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