Pampering Ideas for Exhausted Mums

It’s tough being a mum, and as many of you will appreciate, it can be absolutely exhausting. There are times when we need to escape from daily life, and take the time to indulge ourselves with a pampering session. Finding the time can be difficult, but we deserve to treat ourselves occasionally. So, stop running around like a headless chicken, bring in the child minder, and follow some of the ideas we have for you below.

Give Yourself a Spa Day

The bathroom can be a wonderful place to relax, provided you create the right environment. For those of you with money to spend, we recommend one of the fabulous whirlpool baths from which will add to your feeling of luxury. On the other hand, you don’t need to spend a lot of money creating an experience that will help you fully relax. Ensure the bathroom is tidy first so nothing will distract you from a tranquil space, and soak in the bath with fragrant candles and harmonious music playing in the background. Bliss.

Movie Night

Get some friends together, grab a bottle of wine, and whip up the delicious treats we mentioned at Then pick your favourite movies, and have a much needed night in with your friends. Of course, you could always spend the night in alone (you won’t have to share your goodies that way), get in your pyjamas and ready yourself on the sofa for a bit of escapism.

Sleep More

Not easy when you have kids, but if your partner can take on parenting duties for a while, get up later in the morning, or treat yourself to a nap during the day. You can make the excuse that you need your beauty sleep, and give yourself some much-needed rest.

Go Shopping

For most mums, shopping means heading to the supermarket and stocking up on the groceries. Well, maybe it’s time to treat yourself with something other than a tin of beans. A new outfit, a pair of shoes, the latest beauty products? Without breaking the bank, go a little crazy and buy yourself something nice!

Give Yourself a Beauty Treatment

Whether you do it alone or with friends, pamper yourself with a pedicure and manicure, and use some of the facial products found at Why spend a fortune on a beauty salon, when you can make yourself look good at home.

Spend a Day in Your Pyjamas

Imagine a day when you have absolutely nothing to do but lounge around to your heart’s content. Set aside a day for yourself and do just that. Get your hubby to do the housework and cook for you, while you chill and unwind with the latest book, or catch up with the latest series on Netflix.

Eat Out

Whether alone, or with your beloved, go to that fancy new food place you have been talking about for ages. Book yourself a table, glam up for the night, and indulge yourself in some terrific tasting food. Yummy!


Or do whatever it is you love doing. Make time for yourself, and have some fun!

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