Our Favourite Family Meals

Do you have favourite family meals that you always come back to? Those recipes that you’ve perfected over time that the whole family love eating? I know we do. We try to experiment as much as possible and try new things. I think eating the same five meals all the time is boring and that trying new meals with the kids is a great way to make sure they develop good eating habits and a healthy relationship with food.

However, we have of course got our favourites! I’m thinking of making this a regular guest feature. I’m sure everyone’s bored of all our recipes and I fancy trying some new ideas, so if you’d like to contribute get in touch either via my work with me page, through email or on social media. All the icons you need are in the sidebar. It could be a recipe you want to share or just a post about your family favourites, either is fine. I will, of course, link back to your blog and social media profiles as well as sharing the post on my own platforms.

But, before then, here’s a look at our favourite family meals.

Spaghetti Bolognese

This is The Boys favourite. Always has been. Don’t get me wrong he loves fish fingers and chips, but that’s his “Mummy is having a date night and not eating with me” treat. This is his favourite family meal. I used to buy jars until I realised how easy it was to do your own. I go for the simple chopped tomatoes (a splash of red wine if we’ve got any in), mushrooms, garlic, onions and peppers with a pinch of salt and pepper, a tsp of mixed herbs and a splash of Hendersons relish. Easy, fast, full of veggies and everyone loves it. Everything you need in your family meals.

spaghetti bolognese

Shepherd’s Pie

I’d never made a shepherd’s pie until Hunky Husband taught me a few months ago. To be completely honest I still haven’t, it’s beef so a cottage pie. But I never think that sounds as nice.

I honestly now think mine is better than his and as much as we like to try new things we probably have one a week. We even do an amazing veggie version when we fancy a change.

Chicken Curry

So. I know I write up all these recipes and make a big deal about how great it is to make everything from scratch. Our curry is either from our favourite Indian or out of a jar from Asda!

I’ve never even tried. I’m intimidated by all the flavours. I will one day. It’s on my to-do list.

When me and Hunky Husband order takeaway I like to try different things. All quite mild, but different flavours. When we eat as a family it tends to be a korma, butter chicken or tikka masala which the kids enjoy.

In my defence, I do make my own naans which The Boy (a true naan lover) says are the best ever.


We love pizza. We used to buy them from the store until I realised how ridiculously easy it is to make your own. Honestly, it’s not much harder than putting a store bought one into the oven. It’s also healthier and you get to have fun trying different toppings.

We love a good Dominos too of course!

topped pizza


The Boy didn’t like burgers for a few years. He had a phase where he didn’t like bread so I think that put him off. So, I told him they were flat meatballs and gave him one without bread. Now, he likes bread, especially burger buns and loves a good homemade burger.

Burgers are another thing that are much easier to make than you’d expect and there is so much you can do with them. I’m really looking forward to getting a BBQ so we can do our own burgers on it.

family meals

Gosh, there are so many! I also absolutely love a good old-fashioned Sunday roast. I couldn’t pick a favourite there. Maybe chicken. No beef. Lamb. No, can’t choose. Me and Hunky Husband also have date night favourites, which are definitely blue cheese pasta or steak. Those are out special, eat when the kids are in bed with a bottle of wine, meals.

What are your favourite family meals?



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8 thoughts on “Our Favourite Family Meals”

  • I love shepherds pie! We make a lot of these regularly too. Especially pizza. I make fresh dough and we have pizza and movie night every Friday! So fun! ##coolmumclub

  • Oh some classics in here for sure!! We LOVE a home made chicken curry and you needn’t be daunted – it’s SO easy! I have a recipe on my blog somewhere for a slow cooker version which we literally LIVE on – it’s everyones fave dinner and it’s super healthy and easy to make…
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

    • Mine seem to be the opposite, I keep expecting them to wake up a foot taller with the amount they’re eating!

  • I tried for ages to get mine to eat span bowl so I could sneak veg in and they always turned their nose up but this week was the magic week, it worked, so much so they had left overs the next day! It will now be a family fav for us too. I confess to using a jar though but perhaps I should give doing it yourself a go… #coolmumclub

    • It’s so easy, basically just chopped toms and veg! Mine love it, they’d eat it constantly if I’d let them…which I do some weeks when I’ve made a huge batch and haven’t been shopping!

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