Our Day in York

We love York. It’s become one of those places that feel special. I’d been a few times before meeting Husband, as had he. We first went together with The Boy on Husband’s birthday a few years ago. I wasn’t allowed to post photos on social media as even though he’d been living with me for 3 months, he had yet to tell his ex or parents that I existed. Husband was, in short, a bad man.

Then, we went a few days after our wedding. I was very pregnant so we didn’t have a proper honeymoon, just a few day trips. This was one of them. Walking around all day was hard on my poor pregnant feet, but we still had a brilliant day. I should also add, Husband had publically acknowledged my existence by then and the photos are online!

We were on holiday in Scarborough recently, and the weather was not amazing. But, we still had a fantastic time. While there wasn’t much rain, I’d spent two days on beaches freezing my arse off and was keen for some indoor fun. So, we went to York.

The Railway Museum

old train, wood panelled with steps

I love the railway museum. It’s free, there is loads to see, and the kids love it. Bobsy was safe to run around because it’s all open and she loved exploring. The Boy has always loved trains, so this is always a welcome day out. He enjoys reading information about all the trains, finding out when they were in use and going inside as many as he can. They also do a very nice cup of coffee!

outside royal train

The Bobsy absolutely loved the model railway, she couldn’t stop laughing and shouting at the little trains coming through tunnels. I think she’d have happily stood there watching and chasing them around all day.

Bobsy on a train

If you are looking for a free day out in the York area, this is it! It’s better for older kids, but mine have both loved it as toddlers too.

Inside a royal train

Japan bullet train outside

The Castle Museum

Our visit to The Castle Museum wasn’t as successful. The Bobsy was tired, but wouldn’t be held. She was running around like a maniac, not letting any of us actually look at anything. Husband says it’s like trying to herd a cat. But, the Museum is great when you aren’t with a hyper toddler. I especially love their old-fashioned street. You can go into many of the shops, speak to period characters and look into houses from the time. The Boy couldn’t believe that people used to live like this.

York castle museum, old rooms on street


They also have a 60’s exhibit, again, with areas you can look in shops and homes. Prison cells, which I find oddly creepy and at the moment a world war 1 exhibit, filled with interactive bits and information The Boy enjoyed.

York castle museum 60's window

One of the kids favourite parts was a toy museum. There are toys on display from throughout the ages. The Boy kept saying “did you have this mum?” he was a little horrified by some of it, but genuinely shocked when I told him we did have a TV…How old does he think I am??

toy museum

While this was a fantastic day out, I would really love to go to one day without the kids or being pregnant. There are pubs and little shops everywhere that I always miss out on!

old pawnbrokers



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