Our Day at The Sea Life Centre

We spent most of the last week in Scarborough. The weather wasn’t fantastic, so we didn’t get much time on the beach. But, there’s so much to do in and around the area that it doesn’t really matter. One of these things is the Sea Life Centre.


I hate animals. I’m not an animal person at all. I take the kids to farms, and we have lovely days, but I would not want an animal at home (not that a cow would be an appropriate choice anyway!). Unless it was a fish.


I love fish. We had a Koi pond when I lived at home, and I’ve got such great memories of it that even now, I have a proper fish love. I think they are beautiful. All sea life and fish types really, anything in water. Gorgeous.

sea life centre fish

Our Day

We went to The Sea Life Centre last year, when Bobsy was about 8 months old. It was a great day then but this year, she loved it, and The Boy took his camera so had a fantastic time looking around. I can see this being something we do every year with an entirely different experience.


Bobsy had the best time. She loved looking around. I think we ended up seeing everything four times so she could talk to all of the sea life. It was so funny to watch her trying to talk to them all and jumping a little when one swam too close to her. I think that’s the best thing about it. Everything can get so close to you.


Husband loves the huge turtles The Boy likes all the sharks, I think Bobsy’s favourite may have been the brightly colored jellyfish, and I love anything colourful, of which there are lots. There’s this amazing bit where you walk under a tunnel, and water and animals surround you. They swim right above your head, and you can see them so clearly. I did take absolutely loads of photos, but I’m an iPhone photographer, and it couldn’t cope very well with all the colours and movement, so I’m sorry that everything is a little blurry.

sea life centre jellyfish


The Sea Life Centre

The Sea Life Centre isn’t just a beautiful place to look at fish. They do an incredible amount of work rescuing and caring for animals as well as breeding and looking after the inhabitants. We were so impressed by all the information around the centre on the work they do.


It’s not huge, but there is absolutely loads to see and to learn about. There are interactive displays everywhere, as well as videos and walls full of information. The animals are clearly well loved and the centre is clean and tidy. We’ve never eaten there, but there is a restaurant and a small outdoor snack area. The toilets and baby changes are excellent.

One of the best things about it is how knowledgeable the staff are. They give rehearsed talks, but if someone asks a question, they know the answer. They all seem to care about what they do and the animals they look after.


When we go, we tend to book tickets online. You can get loads of offers on cereal boxes and what not for buy one get one free, but this is on full price tickets at on the door prices. So, I find it’s cheaper to book online and pay for all of them. When you book online, it’s different prices for different time slots. We went at 3 pm as it’s much cheaper, 3 hours is plenty of time to look around, and it’s much quieter.

the boy

For 4 of us (although Bobsy is free), it was £28, which is fantastic value for a great day out. Especially when you know that at least some of your money will go towards rescuing and protecting some of these gorgeous animals.

sea life centre mummy bobsy

I’m really not an animal lover. Honest.





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