Our Day at Cbeebies Nutcracker Festival

In Sheffield, we’re lucky enough to have some amazing theatres. This year the CBeebies pantomime is being filmed at the Crucible, today! Unfortunately, I didn’t know about this until yesterday so we didn’t get tickets for the show. However, the lovely people at Cbeebies put on a fantastic Christmas festival outside.

They even had snow!

About the Cbeebies Nutcracker Festival

Some of the stars of CBeebies appeared on a little stage outside the theatre. Small shows were run at regular intervals throughout the day, so whatever time you arrived, you got to see something. Then there were tents set up in Tudor Square, with lots of different activities, also featuring some of our Cbeebies favourites.

When we first arrived, we saw Mr Maker (who was older than I expected!), who chatted to the kids gathered, and led a dance to warm us all up. The Boy was so excited!

mr maker
Then we went into the tents, there was a Cbeebies Christmas story time about to start in one, but I didn’t think The Girl would appreciate having to sit still, so we gave this one a miss.

There was a Swashbucklers treasure hunt, we had to answer Christmas questions and collect stamps. The Boy then got to pick a prize out of a treasure chest, he got a small pirate set.making a bauble
We also visited some activity stations. Made a crown, a Christmas tree decoration and a snowflake.

making a crown
It was a fantastic, free morning out! We arrived at 10 am, and it was already incredibly busy but we still got to do everything we wanted without having to wait. Thank you Cbeebies!

Two Tiny Hands

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8 thoughts on “Our Day at Cbeebies Nutcracker Festival”

  • My friend went to this the other day and had a wonderful time! What a lovely morning! By the way, it seems you don’t actually need a ticket for the pantomime- they give out loads (more than there are seats) but then so many people aren’t able to go that they just take people off the street! If you are based around Sheffield it might be worth hanging around next year 🙂 #FamilyFun

  • Oh my that sounds perfect for the little ones. My little girl would have loved it. What a fab activity for the morning I wish we had something like that here. Thanks for sharing at #familyfun x

  • We’ve not really got into CBeebies yet but I imagine we’d have enjoyed it anyway getting to dance and play. Sounds like a really good day out and way to go getting ready for Christmas!! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

    • To be honest we don’t watch a huge amount of it, you didn’t really need to know anything though. All the crafts were just Christmasy. Cold though!!

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