Our Day at Cannon Hall Farm

Cannon Hall Farm is about 30 minutes from my house. I’ve heard all about how fantastic it is, yet somehow, until last month, I’d never been. They’ve got a brilliant offer on at the moment which I saw advertised online; we paid I think £18 for all four of us (Bobsy is free, so 3 really) which I thought was excellent value.


The Animals


The animals I must say were the bit that I was disappointed with. I like to see them outdoors where we can stroke and feed them, but at cannon hall, they’re in barns and you round a walkway above them, sending food down chutes. There are lots of animals altogether, so you don’t actually interact with them. I’m sure this is probably safer and more hygienic, but it made it less fun.

fluffy sheep

We did however like that the walkways were full of information about the animals and there were some we’d never seen before.

animals cannon hall farm


We also really loved the reptile house. Apparently, this is new, and I loved it. There were plenty of different reptiles to see, all of which had lovely homes and plenty of space to move around.



The Indoor Play Areas

A large barn has been converted into a huge indoor soft play, which the kids loved. The Boy has now started to claim he’s too old for soft play (at 6! I’m sure I still liked them at 10!) but even he loved this one. I found him in this excellent area at the back that was like a soft ball lab! There were machines and pipes to suck them up, must say, I was a little amazed.

soft play cannon hall farm

The Bobsy isn’t a huge soft play fan either, but she enjoyed this one. I was a little worried because it was incredibly busy, but they had a lovely under 4’s area. I find in most places much older kids dominate these areas, but at cannon hall farm, a member of staff was keeping a close eye on it, so the little ones were safe. Bobsy loved a little room full of giant, soft, Lego style blocks she could play with. She doesn’t like slides and things, so it was lovely that there was something a little different for her.

The Outdoor Play Areas

outdoor cannon hall farm

The outdoor play areas are fantastic! There’s one made of giant pipes. So, it’s like a hamster cage, for kids! They loved crawling around. The Bobsy wasn’t brave enough to go far, but we found a mini bit she could see me at the other side of that she loved.

cannon hall farm giant hamster maze

Then, there are the proper parks. Filled with slides, tunnels, climbing frames and more. The Boy had the time of his life exploring these areas, and I always felt like he was safe. There wasn’t much for Bobsy here though, so she went for another look around the reptiles with daddy.

outdoor play

The Facilities

There are a few restaurants which looked great, but we took a picnic and made the most of one of the many picnic areas (some inside for rainy days!) The toilets were clean and pleasant, as was the baby change and there were plenty of hand wash stations and reminders dotted around.


The Grounds

cannon hall farm grounds

The grounds of the farm are gorgeous. And you don’t have to pay to explore them; you can walk around the grounds and go to the farm shop and museum (we didn’t have time for that bit!) before you get to the entrance to the farm which is great. It would be a lovely day out without the farm.


The Farm Shop

The cannon hall farm farm-shop might have been my favorite part. I love a good farm shop,and, you know, food! We got some venison burgers for tea (which we paid £1.15 for as they were going out of date that day) and husband got a bottle of chocolate stout. Near enough everything tempted me, but especially some white stilton with strawberries and cream. I do love a funny cheese!

All in all, an awesome, brilliant value day out. The only thing I’d say is that it’s better on a sunny day as the older kids could spend hours on the outdoor play areas. We did end on a sad note when we realized that husband had put his car registration in when paying for parking on my car and we’d got a ticket. But still, we’ll be back many more times in the future.

feeding animals cannon hall farm

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