Our New House Wish List

As I’m sure anyone that knows us or reads the blog regularly will know, we’re in the process of moving to a new house. We’re ridiculously excited even though we’ve got a lot to do and can’t wait to get settled in. Even though we own all the furniture in the flat and will be taking it all with us, there’s something about moving into a new home that gets you thinking about new furniture and household goods you’d like to buy.

Our house move is going to be quite a long process I think, and we may never get everything on this list. But, isn’t that what a wish list is all about? Like when you used to sit and look at the Argos book home section as a kid and pick out all the furniture and appliances you’d like when you grew up. (Please tell me it’s not just me that did this?!) Well, this is my grown-up version. Some we may never get, others may take ages to save for, and some will get forgotten. But, hopefully, we’ll manage to tick a few things off my new house wish list.

Fluffy Towels

I love getting new towels. We bought new sets when we got married, but they were quite cheap and are no longer fluffy. I’d really like some lovely towels.

new house wish list towels

Bunk Beds

The Boy sleeps in a bunk bed at my parent’s house and would love some at home. I think perhaps those with a top bed and a desk underneath would be better. I’ve seen some with a desk and then a comfy seat that turns into a single bed which would be ideal for any future sleepovers while still giving him a bit of grown up space.

bunk beds

A Bobsy Bed

This is getting to be more of an essential than a wish. The Bobsy is only 19 months, so still in a cot. But, she loves beds. She gets into ours and pulls the duvet up over herself. I think as soon as we’ve settled I’m going to get her a single bed. Her new room is nice and big so I’m planning on skipping the toddler bed completely and just getting a little rail for one side. I can’t wait to see her get in and out of her own bed. My big girl.

bobsys bed

Fancy Kitchen Bits

Our kitchenware isn’t bad to be fair. We’ve got a nice kettle, toaster and coffee machine. I like our plain white plates and pasta bowls. But, I would like some new pots and pans. In the ideal world, I’d go completely Le Creuset crazy. It’s all so pretty, long lasting and would look amazing in my blog photos!

casserole dish

Garden Furniture

We haven’t got a proper garden with grass and all. But, it’s a nice big yard area and when you’ve been in a flat for 4 years that seems like a dream. I’d quite like a little table and chairs set and some things for the kids. Perhaps a mini bench. Nothing too fancy, just enough that we can be comfortable outside in the summer.

garden furniture


This is the dream. I can’t wait until we can BBQ our burgers. I might never use the oven!


A New Sofa

I loved my sofa when I bought it. But, now I find it very slouchy and wish I’d got something more structured. And it’s brown. Who buys a brown sofa?


An Office Space

We don’t have room for a proper office area. But I would love a desk and a separate space to work if there’s anywhere I can fit it. I need to stop working on the slouchy sofa all the time, it’s killing my back.

home office

A Nikon

Because I want one. Yes, it is for the house, don’t argue!


That’s all I can think of for now but I’m sure this list will grow and grow and that every time I buy one thing I’ll add another six but I look forward to getting some of them at least.

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