My Happy List #7

Well, it’s been a pretty crap few months. Husband has been out of work for a while. He did get a new job which you might remember I mentioned in my last happy list. But, it didn’t work out (was in fact truly awful!) so he’s been searching once more. At some point, the stress of this hit and we started to feel a little down in the dumps and struggled to find any motivation. He seemed to be applying for so many but hearing nothing back. We lost hope for a while.

This coincided with chicken pox. The Boy came down with it 2 weeks ago and The Bobsy started suffering just as he was going back to school. This basically means I’ve for the most part been housebound for nearly a month and my mood has dropped. I don’t like being stuck in at all and I fear I’ve become rather moody.

Next week, I’m hoping marks the start of things changing. So, I wanted to sit down and write the happy list to mark the end of the unhappy times.

A New Start

Husband has finally got a new job. He’s done a trial day for this one and really enjoyed it. So, hopefully, it should be good. It’s less pay than he was on before, and a step-down career wise. But, we don’t care.

The latest he’s ever going to work is 6 pm, some days he’ll even finish at 3 pm. This means we will be able to have dinner together. He will be here for bedtime every day. This may sound small, but we’ve never had this much time together before so we’re very much looking forward to it.

You Only Get It Once

spotty not happy list

Chicken pox has been a little hellish. The Boy didn’t suffer at all really, but we’ve had some issues since he’s returned to school.

Bobsy however, has had a very bad case. She hasn’t slept for days, she’s absolutely covered in spots, not eating and generally very very unhappy.

But, you (normally) only get it once. So after this week, we’re done and we can start leaving the house again!

bad chicken pox


While the chicken pox has been horrible, in many ways it’s made me realise how lucky we are. Neither of them is ever ill. The Boy isn’t poorly even when he is ill. He’s still running around playing like normal. Then The Bobsy, aside from a very nasty cough when she was tiny and post injection blues hasn’t ever been ill before this week.


Both of our families have been wonderful in our time of need. The in-laws despite being in France have been incredibly supportive and they’re new found love of Facetime means we’ve got to have a proper chat at least once a week which has been lovely.

We’ve also managed to see my parents more often than usual, with us driving down for 2 weekends. It’s always nice going to visit but we’ve been especially well looked after lately and even got the chance to go out for the day without the kid’s thanks to some nanny and grandad babysitting.



My lovely Jo got married in April which was a brilliant day and a great chance to catch up with some people I don’t see that often. It was a wonderfully chilled out day, perfect for the kids and with lots of prosecco for mummy. I also had the honour of helping Jo to get ready in the morning. By this I mean, we spent 4 minutes getting ready and the rest listening to Busted and drinking prosecco.


I’ve also made the most of having husband around in the evenings to go on a lady date with Anna. We went to a gorgeous Italian restaurant and I had the most amazing seafood pasta.

happy list dinner

From now on, Husband won’t be working evenings and we’ll both have a chance to see our friends occasionally!

The Internet

The internet can be a terrible place. With social media especially being full of bullying and trolls. But, this week I have asked for help with the chicken pox and a school situation and a little group of parents I speak to often as well as people I’ve never spoken were quick to offer not only advice but also support and encouragement. So, thank you all.


When I’ve not been in with a crying child or shattered because I’ve been up all night with said child I’ve been getting back into exercise much more. As well as going for regular runs I’ve been doing Pilates and playing on my Wii fit board. Wii fit boxing has turned out to be a favourite even if it does kill my sides and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love hula hooping!

hulla hoop

Hopefully, I’ll have reason to write my happy list more often from now on!

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