My Happy List #6

Ah Sunshine. It makes everything better. This weekend we’ve had some truly gorgeous weather which has made me rather desperately yearn for a BBQ, so if anyone wants to lend me their garden, please do get in touch! Not having a garden doesn’t normally bother me as we live very close to a nice park, but every now and then I want to burn a sausage in a way you just can’t do inside! Apart from the lack of BBQ, it’s been a pretty good week. Here’s what’s made me happy.


As I mentioned in last week’s happy list, Hunky Husband has been out of work. He was offered a new job last Monday, which was a huge relief. It’s funny because it’s a job he’s seen advertised in the past and not been sure about but they rang him having seen his CV online. So he went in for an interview. He’s had a few interviews over the last few weeks and was surprised to find this seems to be the best option and certainly one which will allow him to build his skills and learn some new things. Unfortunately, he’s not starting until after Easter so we’re just trying to make the most of this time together before he’s back to working lots.

Being Looked After

I’ve had a horrible cold the last few days, which means I’ve not been able to really make the most of the glorious weather. But I have been very well looked after and even had some cuddles from the kids. I somehow haven’t had a proper cold for nearly 2 years so can’t complain. I have though. Constantly.



It’s not expected to last but was a great start to the Easter break. We’ve not done much with money being tight and my being ill but have managed some lovely trips to some of Sheffield’s wonderful parks. I just love not wearing a jacket!



The week before last I started running again and really enjoyed it. It’s so much nicer when you don’t have to think about layers. The Wii fit board told me I was overweight. I am not overweight. I include a picture of my stomach as evidence.


However, it was still the motivation I needed to get out there. I’ve also done some yoga which has led to an achy few days, but that nice satisfying ache that means you’ve done well. I’ve not been as good this week with the cold so aiming to get back out there asap.

park running


I brought some gorgeous wedges for a friend’s wedding. I’m not a huge heel wearer as I’m tall so wedges make a welcome alternative to crippling myself. They are beautiful and look great with jeans and dresses. Not entirely sure I like the dress I’ve bought some the same event though!


We’ve baked lots of amazing cookies this week. Because the Wii is a dirty liar and I’m in great shape!!! We started with some awesome double chocolate mini egg cookies which were yummy. Then we made some chocolate pinwheel cookies, which were apparently quite good. Hunky Husband ate them all while I had a nap so I can’t confirm.


The Boy broke up for his Easter holiday on Friday so I’m currently attempting to make lots of plans for the next two weeks. I don’t mind the odd day at home baking and crafting however, more than one in a row and I start to lose it. It’s best for everyone if we keep as busy as possible. So far, we’ve got swimming, a haircut, cinema and ice skating planned it but we’ll see what happens. I’m obviously dreading it!

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