My Happy List #18

It’s been a shit week. 2 Weeks now actually of completely shittery. If you read my last happy list, you’ll know we’d just had a fantastic week off and a lovely trip to York. Well. Since getting back everything has gone a little wrong. I almost feel like I’m being punished for having my first week off in a year and I’m not doing it again!

We got home and Husband got ill pretty much straight away. Bobsy then returned from my mum’s, also ill. Then, I crashed the car…Into a parked car in a car park. It was a tiny tiny scrape, and while I know everyone makes mistakes and that I should be glad my first crash was so small and that no one was hurt (The Boy didn’t actually realise we’d hit anything it was that gentle), I felt like an idiot, because it was just a total misjudgement on my part, panicking because someone was waiting for me and I’m a nervous parker!

Then, on Sunday our house died. All the electrics went off, lots of fuses flipped. Husband was at work so I had to lock the kids in the living room (stairgate, not actual locks!) and go down into the scary, dark basement to try and make it work. It didn’t. So, I had to drag 2 kids, food, washing and clothes for the night to the in-laws. Where we ended up staying for 2 days while it was fixed.

And now, of course, I’m ill. But, when husband is ill because I work from home, he can go and sleep all day. When I’m ill, I’m on my own with the kids. Fun and games!

Despite all of this, a happy list. I think it’s most important to look for the happy when things aren’t quite right, and remember that there is still happy to be had.


Cars are bloody expensive. As is fixing them. So, while I felt a dick, at least I don’t have to shell out a million pounds to fix the other car. Christmas would have been cancelled!

Having Somewhere to Go

My parents don’t live close, and when the electrics went I just thought that if Husbands parents were also far away, we’d have been on a sofa somewhere or trying to settle the kids in a hotel. Instead, we were somewhere we knew, getting fed!


I’m obviously going to have to reconsider my House of Cards love, but Netflix is still great. We’ve been bingeing on Stranger Things since we got home. When I say bingeing, I mean parent bingeing of fitting 2 episodes in between the kids going to bed and me falling asleep!

We’ve also been watching Star Trek Discovery, which I’ve been pleasantly surprised by, and it’s nice to know I’ve always got The Gilmore Girls to get me through a crisis.


Oh, Ikea. Until recently we had to drive to Nottingham to go to Ikea. So it was an event. Now, there’s one up the road! Ikea Sheffield opened about 6 weeks ago. We’ve been 3 times. We send Bobsy the childminders and book a day off work so we can go on an Ikea date. We eat all of the meatballs and buy lots of things we didn’t know we needed but make our life better. It’s real Ikea love.

We’ve already started planning what we want when we buy a house. I need a Pinterest board!!


Co-parenting isn’t always easy. As I’m sure anyone that’s ever done it knows. But, I’m pretty lucky with it. The Boys dad is alright. He’s been taking him to swimming lessons and paying for them. Paying for school stuff without me having to ask, and he had The Boy for an extra 2 nights while we were homeless, making things much easier.


We live in quite a family rich area. There are lots of kids around. So, on Halloween, me and The Boy went to Asda in preparation for trick or treaters. We spent a small fortune. We’ve lived in a flat for a long time before this year so we weren’t sure what to expect. We went home and waited. One. One little trick or treaters took one little handful of sweets at about 5:30 pm. That was it!

So, we’ve been nibbling Halloween sweets for nearly two weeks now. Which is nice. Especially the strawberry cables, which I could eat forever!


Ginger Christmas Cake Recipe

Too soon?? I’m not really in the mood yet. It’s Bobsy and Husbands birthday on Monday, so once that’s done I start shopping properly. But, I’ve already bought a few bits and made* a Christmas Cake thanks to Opies Foods, so while I don’t feel it yet, I am starting to think about it.


See, lots to be happy about!

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