My Happy List #15

It’s been a terrific few weeks. The Boy has settled back into school, Bobsy is at the childminders, we’ve all settled into a routine nicely. I actually can’t think of anything not good that’s happened for a while which is lovely. Here’s what’s making me happy right now.


The Bobsy settled in at the childminders so well. The first morning I got a kiss and a “bye bye mom mom” and she was straight off to play. She loves it and has been happy. She’s been really great at home too. Talking loads and doing lots of super cute things. She’s a funny little princess at the moment. It’s a lovely phase. It makes me want more babies!


When The Boy started school, he loved it. But, he was never as keen on year one. We had a few tears and lots of shouting some mornings at the start, but even later once he’d settled, there was a lot of “I don’t like school”. He loves year two. It’s odd, because his reason for not liking school was always that there was more work than reception, and now there’s even more work.

But, where year one was quite basic and focusing on learning the essentials, year two offers more in-depth learning. He’s had projects we’ve had to go online and to the library to research, which he loves, he’s a big reader. Over breakfast the other morning he told me everything he knew about Captain Cook and has been looking at maps. It’s amazing how much he’s learning and how much he’s enjoying it.


Husband has had a promotion, which is brilliant. He’d already had a pay rise a few weeks ago, but now he’s had an official promotion to head chef and another little pay rise. In itself, that’s great as he loves the job, but it’s the first job he’s had where he’s been appreciated and rewarded for his hard work.

Blog On

Last week I went to BlogOn in Manchester. It was my first blogging conference. When I booked the ticket my blog was a baby, but it’s come around so fast. I learnt a lot about how I can take my blog forward, but also heard a lot of things that reassured me that I was doing ok, which is always nice. I also met lots of people from brands, got to see lots of awesome products, brought home some ace freebies, including the best liquorice ever and my new favourite pen!

But, I’ve got to say the highlight for me was meeting some people I’ve been speaking to for a long time. Especially Sam from Stressy Mama, who was one of the first people I ever spoke to in the blogging world as we started our blogs at the same time, and Laura from Autumns Mummy, who I’ve also been chatting to for a while. Both wonderful ladies who I hope to meet many times again in the future!


I’ve been making lots and lots of biscuits!! It’s a wonderful thing! That’s all.


I’ve given up on the diet. I just can’t do it. Nor do I really want to. You know that saying “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”? Well, that’s crap. Most things taste much better!!

I have however been attempting to build some fitness and am trying to get back into swimming. I love swimming, but much like running, I have a week off then never go again. I’m even considering a gym membership to force myself!





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