My Happy List #14

Well, we got back from our holiday, which was wonderful, and went straight back into work. The last week or so has been a little crazy. Husband’s working six days some weeks and I’ve been doing a lot more than I’m used to. But, it’s all working out, and we’re starting to settle into a pattern. There is as always, plenty to be happy about.

Bobsy happily playing in the water at the park

Last Bit of Sun

Husband took us to his work for breakfast one-morning last week, which was lovely and then me and the kids went for a play in the park. I always think there’s an element of “enjoy it while it lasts” when the sun does come out during these last few days of summer. I suppose we should always think like that, seeing as we only get a day or 2 anyway!

Our breakfast out, smoked salmon and poached eggs

Every time we’ve seen a bit of sun we’ve been outside, it’s been really nice.

Bobby sat outside in the sun

Back to School

The Boy went back to school. This is nice because it means I can get on with work a little easier and despite his moaning, he does enjoy it. It’s good for him and calms him down a little.

a selfie of me and the kids before school

I did, however, hate leaving him on that first day back. Everything was a bit different and more serious. Their morning work was a lot harder than they’re used to and it seems to be quite a bit harder. It’s like they finish one year feeling confident and then go back all shy and nervous again. I know he’ll be fine once he settles.

Not Being a Fatty

For the record, I’d never call anyone else a fatty. Except for perhaps my very good friends! But, this is what I had become. I don’t weigh myself often, preferring to live by the “it’s fine as long as my jeans fit” method. However, my jeans didn’t fit. So, I weighed myself. Since starting my blog, I’d gained 20lbs!! How is that even possible?

So, for the last few weeks, I’ve been trying really hard to lose some of it. Mainly by exercise, cutting down on snacking and calorie counting. I’ve lost about 10lbs so far, so it’s going well. I am starting to lose willpower though, so we are planning a treat day on Friday!

Days Off

Since starting to work from home, I’ve struggled with days off. I’m trying to structure my weeks a little more now, and Bobsy is starting at a childminder for a few hours 2 days a week soon. So, I can work more on those days and hopefully give myself a few days a week off. It’s starting to work already, even with her here and I’m enjoying getting the chance to actually do other things!

Bobsy and her friend eating dinner at pizza express


I started my blog a year ago. It was actually a few weeks ago, but I haven’t really marked it. I have bought myself a new header and logo from the wonderful Sarah at a Mundane Life. Which I love. But that’s the only significant change. I’m pleased with my blog at the moment and have a clear plan of what I’m going to do to take it forward over the next year.


Burnished Chaos

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8 thoughts on “My Happy List #14”

  • Happy bloggerversary! I hope you settle in to your new routine quickly, hopefully those 2 hours will give you enough time to get your work done 🙂 #familyfunlinky

  • I can’t believe we’ve been blogging for a year. It’s gone so fast. I “think” I have an idea of where I want to go with the blog but I really need to get myself more organised and put a little bit more effort in for a start! I really need to get a new header/logo done. Yours look fab. Sarah has done brilliantly. I was commissioning my cousin to do one for me at one point but she asked me for ideas for it and I don’t have any.. Haha. ?#FamilyFunLinky

    • Talk to Sarah! I gave her a totally mess of idea that were nothing like this! She sent me a few options and totally listened to everything. I’ve got no idea where I want to go with mine!

  • Congrats on blogging for a year. It is good the kids going back to school and being able to get into a proper routine.

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