My Happy List #13

Is it 13? I can’t remember, and I don’t think it matters enough to check. I might start calling them things like “my happy list #574” so new readers think I’m really happy.

We’ve had a pretty great week. Jobs have changed slightly, which means we can afford a little bit of childcare for The Bobsy, which means I can work in peace occasionally and she gets a little time with other kids. I feel a bit guilty about sending her, as I work from home and don’t need to and because one of the main reasons I started working from home was that I wouldn’t have to pay for childcare. But, at the moment I’m so busy she doesn’t get any attention. This way I can work lots on the two days she’s away and have more fun with her when she’s at home. I think it will be good for all of us.

Here’s what’s making us happy this week.

outdoor cannon hall farm


We’ve had a little holiday this week. We’re actually still on it! It’s been a bit of a holiday house swap which is nice. It’s lovely to have some home comforts while we’re away. The weather hasn’t been great so far, and I’ve had an awful panic at the quality of the Wi-Fi (because I have to work, not because I’m an addict. Which I am, obviously!) but we’re still having a great time. It’s just lovely to all be together as a family, which isn’t something we do enough.


I’ve been working lots but trying to separate it into days a little more, which is what I’ll do when Bobsy is at the childminders. So, I’m trying only to work 3 days a week, then have 1 day that I do a lot on my blog. Then the other days it’s just bits and bobs. So, while there still isn’t an actual day off, there are 3 days when I don’t need to do anything if I don’t want to.

Husband’s work has also been great. When he took this job, we basically chose time together over money. He was going to be earning quite a bit less but at home every evening instead of never being around. This week he’s had a pay rise, so now is making close to what he was before and we see each other. It feels like our decision has massively paid off and that for the first time in our whole relationship we’re not either broke or apart all the time.

happy family

Day’s Out


We’ve had some great days out. Lots of time in parks at home, which is great. But, we’ve also been to Cannon Hall Farm for the day, which was fantastic. This week we’ve got the sea life centre and a day in Whitby to look forward to, then maybe swimming or some beachy days depedning on the weather. The kids are always better behaved when we’re out and we put our phones down for a bit!



Completely different, but I bought some Aldi night cream last week after reading loads of great things about it. It’s lovely. I don’t know how effective it is with my wrinkles (what wrinkles I hear you cry?!) but my skins soft and bright, so it’s worth it! I feel like this will undo any damage my poor skin is facing from all the Aldi gin I’m drinking!

Red Hair Don’t Care

I’ve pretty much spent the last 15 years either with red hair or saying “I’m never dying my hair red again!!” it’s awful really. It fades horribly, and when you try and go back brown, red just keeps coming back. But, I’ve done it again, and I love it!

red hair don't care

Back to School

There are technically 2 weeks left. But Husband is off until Friday, and The Boy is at his Dad’s for the last week. So, the bit where I am struggling to work around 2 kids all the time on my own, is pretty much over! I’ve survived. Just a crazy rush to find some school shoes to go! They’ve been pretty good really, and it’s not been a bad summer! Just a shame about the weather.

park happy

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