My Food Journey

I’ve basically gone from hating to eat to food blogger with lots of steps in between! Although, I don’t think I am a food blogger really. I refer to Bobsy’s Mum as a “food and lifestyle blog” because I post more recipes than anything else. But, food blogger sounds like I’m a foodie. Which I’m really not. Husband is a chef, and I cook a lot at home and have my own growing recipe collection. But, it’s all pretty basic. We don’t cook fancy meals or use exotic ingredients. All my recipes can be made with things you can buy cheap in Asda. So, I’m not a foodie at all, and I feel a bit of a fraud saying I’m a food blogger.

mushroom and halloumi spaghetti

But, this is where I want to be. I want to be sharing accessible, family friendly recipes that busy mums and dads can make after work or while the kids are screaming at them for a grape (I can’t go into the kitchen without the grape shouts starting!) without having to spend their weekly food budget on one meal. So, I’m like a normal everyday food blogger. Which I’ve totally fallen into by accident.

chocolate chip cookies


I wasn’t bothered about food as a young child. My mum might say I was fussy. But I don’t remember that. I remember just not being bothered about eating. It wasn’t that I didn’t like food as such, I didn’t like eating.

I remember having to sit in the lunch hall in primary school for the whole dinner hour, while tables were cleared around me because it would take me an hour to eat a meal. I also remember my mum trying hard to find alternatives for my lunch box because I never eat my sandwiches. I’d have crackers, a flask of soup, all sorts. Then, when I was a bit older, and I started making my own dinner I’d just take a sandwich. All my friends would have snacks, cakes and crisps. All of which we had at home, and weirdly I’d happily eat at home, but I never took to school. I couldn’t’ tell you why but equally, I don’t ever remember being hungry.

When I entered my mid-late teens, I started eating more. I’d go to friends and them to mine, and we’d eat everything. I’d have takeaways with my Dad and pizzas on the way home if I’d been out, without ever really noticing a change. I suddenly quite liked eating and food. We didn’t cook anything fancy at home, just lovely home cooked food. I had a good diet.

Leaving Home

Very skinny me in the not eating years
Excuse the awful photo, it was in a nightclub about 12 years ago. But look how skinny my arms are. Eww!

I moved up north when I was 20 and went a bit mad. As I’m sure, a lot of young women do when they get a bit of freedom. I drank quite a bit and did some quite silly things. And, I stopped eating. I remember every day I’d try to eat less than I had the day before until I was barely eating. I had a plum for lunch one day and honestly thought I’d overindulged. But, it was easy to hide now there weren’t parents. There were friends though, and it wasn’t a long phase. Although, still something over the years I’ve found it easy to slip back into and I’ve always been self-conscious about my weight.


I suppose my life settled into a norm and my eating habits went with it. But still all very simple. Most things came from a jar until again my life went a bit crazy.

The Boy and I

the boy baking cakes

When The Boy was 2, we found ourselves on our own (not totally, my parents and friends were great, and The Boys Dad was never far away. But we lived alone) and for the first few weeks, we ate beans on toast and cereal. I was depressed, lonely and scared; I didn’t see the point in cooking proper meals for myself and a 2-year-old.

Then something happened. I decided that we were the point. I wanted to cook for us. We were worth it. So, I’d spend time in the kitchen, talking to my Boy, creating things. We’d freeze extras and try new things. It was fun for the first time.

The Married Years

me and husband

Husband’s cheffyness may have rubbed off a little. We try new things together a lot. While he rarely cooks at home, he helps me come up with ideas and gives me the confidence to try things. He also eats everything, like me, so is the perfect person to cook for.

The Blog

I didn’t start out as a food blogger. I think I thought I’d be all about the funny parenting stories. But as it went on, I found it was the food posts I enjoyed writing the most, and I loved the challenge of coming up with new ideas. My blog has meant that we’ve eaten a lot of things we wouldn’t have and rarely get stuck in that pattern of repeating the same things. I’m always on the lookout for new ingredients and ideas to try.

This isn’t what I thought I would end up doing in a million years after all my early issues with food. But I love my little blog and my little recipe book, so long may it continue.


Mum Muddling Through


Two Tiny Hands

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