My Favourite Products

My kitchen is absolutely filled with helpful gadgets, equipment, and those smaller tools that I wouldn’t be without. I love discovering something new that makes life easier, so I wanted to share some of my favourite products with you.

These links are all to products that I own and love, those things that I use regularly to make cooking easier, and a few from my own wishlist.

All links are affiliate, which means I gain a small commission if you make a purchase after following one. It in no way affects the price that you pay.

Baking Supplies

I Love baking. But, frankly, I’m not a natural. I’m messy and untidy, and I get quite stressed out when making something big like a birthday cake. So, I try to use lots of little tools to make the process easier and every time I’ve got a big cake to make, about four new things seem to appear in my baking drawer. These are some of my favourite products for baking.


I’m a big fan of big comforting meals that you can make in one pan. The kind of filling family food you can all sit down to enjoy after a busy day, without there being tons of washing up. All my cooking equipment gets lots of use, so I think to find the right products.

Kitchen Equipment

Food and Drink


Other Faves