My Favourite Breakfasts

I love breakfast foods. There are breakfast foods that rank highly on my list of all-time favourite foods. I was going to say, “is there anything better than a good sausage?” (lol), then, I remembered toast. I adore toast. I love it with loads and loads of butter. I love it when it’s gone a bit soggy and cold. I love it with jam, marmalade, lemon curd and Nutella and I love it topped with beans, cheese or eggs. And all three together. I’d eat toast for breakfast, lunch, snacks and with a cup of tea in the afternoon. There’s nothing better than toast.

But, at the same time, I find breakfast somewhat annoying. There are cereals that I love (looking at you mini Weetabix with fruit and nut!), but I hate that you buy a box and then eat the same thing for breakfast every day for a week. Why would you do this? I wouldn’t eat the same lunch every day for a week!

So, we’ve always got about five different boxes on the go, which I don’t even eat that often because I like other things more! At the moment there’s oats so simple golden syrup sachets, plain porridge oats, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, coco pops and cheerios.

A Full English

Full ish, no black pudding. That just feels a little bit weird in my mouth. I go for beans, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages, bacon, hash browns, scrambled eggs, and toast. Yums!

Within all of that, it’s the toast and hash browns I love the most. But, individually, they do not appear on my favourites list. Toast I love to bits, but I actually prefer it at other times during the day. On its own, as breakfast, it just doesn’t do the job. It’s like a side, not the main course!


I love a smoothie. I go through such phases with them though. I’ll have a month when I’ll buy all of the fruit and drink smoothies all of the time. Then, I’ll stop and won’t have one for years. My favourite combination is banana, strawberries, almond milk, oats and Greek yoghurt. A proper, filling smoothie that’s perfect for breakfast on the go.

American Pancakes

We all love sweet and fluffy American style pancakes. The kids like theirs spread with Nutella, but I tend to go for sliced banana and golden syrup. This is our treat breakfast, for birthdays, and you know, weekends! My other sweet treat breakfast has got to be cinnamon rolls or any other Danish type event! Oh, or eggy bread with brioche. That’s good too. I do like a sweet breakfast!

Banana Pancakes

When I’m trying to be a little bit healthier, I opt for banana pancakes instead. If my bananas are still a little green I add some syrup to sweeten them, but if they’re a little older you don’t need it, the bananas are sweet enough.

On a quiet day, I mash two bananas whisk in one egg. If we’ve got a busy morning or I’m going to the gym, I’ll add a couple of tbsp porridge oats for some extra energy that will keep me going for longer. I usually have some blueberries on the side too.

Porridge with Bananas

I like porridge, but not on its own. As you’ve read, I put oats in everything else, but I couldn’t eat a bowl of plain porridge. I add golden syrup and sliced bananas for a bit more flavour. This is one of my favourite winter breakfasts to warm me up in the morning.

Sausage and Egg Sandwich

I love a nice sausage and egg sandwich with a good runny egg and lashings of tomato ketchup. I like it so that you can’t eat it without making a big mess! Husband prefers brown sauce. This is wrong!

Mini Weetabix

I don’t care for a big one; they’re a bit dull. But the mini ones with fruit in, I like those a lot. I also really like blueberry wheats. A nice fruit filled cereal for me, please. Husband and the kids prefer Crunchy Nuts.

Poached Eggs of Toast

I can’t poach an egg. I don’t understand the physics of it. It just won’t work. So, this is kind of a treat. If husbands here late enough he makes me one (2) so it’s a bit of a treat. I don’t add salt when I cook, and rarely put it on anything, but I put loads on a poached egg. I can’t eat them without it. Also, on a ham and tomato sandwich. Like loads of it!

What’s your favourite breakfast?




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