My 10 Favourite Things About Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching. In some ways, it seems to be closing in ridiculously fast. In others, it seems like absolutely ages since I wrote that first Christmas post. I’m still not feeling overly Christmassy. I’ve finished all my shopping, the tree is up, and all the school special events are well underway. Yet I still feel nothing. But then if I’m being completely honest, I’m not sure that as an adult I ever do before Christmas eve. I do, however, absolutely love December. I love getting everything ready for the big day. Even though I’m always vaguely disappointed that “the feeling” isn’t there.

Perhaps in a desperate attempt at feeling it, I’m writing the list of my 10 favourite things about Christmas Time.

Christmas Crafts

Because of my December rule, we can only craft for a few weeks. So, I like to make the most of it. Painting, making cards and decorations, all the toilet roll tubes!


I like to think I’m a great Christmas shopper. Hunky Husband literally only has me to buy for. I do everyone else. We only really buy immediate family and a few close friends, but I like to think I do it well. Lists are definitely the only way. I do a little bit online, for ease. But I do like the busy shops and actually getting to see all their lovely Christmas VM and store fronts.

Christmas Films

Now I don’t like the really naff channel 5-day time special types, but they can be slightly rubbish. Die hard is of course the best. But I also love elf, jingle all the way, home alone, the Tim Allen Santa Claus, and of course, the best musical ever made, The Muppet’s Christmas Carol.

The Food

christmas dinner

I don’t actually like Christmas pudding. I’m not hugely fond of Mince pies either. I’ll have a few, for the sake of it, but I could leave them. However, the cheese, turkey, quality street (not roses!!) yule log, biscuits etc., amazing! I’m an eat it all, then attempt to go for a very short run on the 2nd Jan type girl. Christmas cake, I like my mums. It’s basically a miniature version of our wedding cake. Beautiful.



I love sprouts. Although not quite as much as Hunky Husband, who can be caught eating sprout sandwiches on boxing day. Why do we only eat them at Christmas? And why don’t people like them? We all eat them with every Sunday roast until they go out of season. Sprouts are also full of anti-oxidants and vitamins and are incredibly good for you.

The Music

Now this time, I actually quite like the naff. And the Christmas songs that haven’t got anything to do with Christmas, like East 17’s Stay Another Day. Last Christmas I believe is my favourite. Maybe. It would be hard to choose.

The Tree

I’ve never had a real tree. Or a well decorated one. When the kids are older I’d like a really fancy one I think. But now with The Boy coming home with…beautiful…decorations he’s made, there doesn’t seem much point in even trying. Yet I still love it. Lets not forget the awful foil decorations for the ceiling. I love and hate them in equal measure.

christmas foil decorations

Christmas Eve

It’s just SO exciting. I had about 10 years when I always had to work, and I loved it. Even working late, it was exciting. Everyone is in a good mood, Santa is on his way, argggh!

That Second When Your First Wake Up

I don’t think, even as a childless adult I’ve ever slept past 6. There have been 3am years. Nor do I think I’ve ever thought anything other than “has he been?!” I get this from my mother. The excitement, is too much for me.

Boxing Day

Christmas day, however wonderful it may be, is I suspect always a tiny bit disappointing. When it’s all over, and you’ve been preparing for months, there’s a feeling of sadness. Boxing day, pyjama’s DVDs, chocolates, playing with all the kids toys, no pressure. I love it! There have also been many years of working boxing day, this I did not like! Christmas Eve and boxing day are the best!

And then it’s over. We don’t really do New Year. Hunky Husband normally works until quite late, so we just get a take away and some fizzy wine.

What are your favourite things?


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15 thoughts on “My 10 Favourite Things About Christmas”

  • I love Brussels sprouts too and eat them all year round. I also prefer quality Street over roses . On boxing day we are usually visiting family so don’t get to lie around in our pj’s although that would be nice. I’m feeling really festive this year. Maybe it’s because it’s my sons first year at school and with the christmas production, christmas fayre, and christmas jumper days that they have, it helps you get into the christmas spirit. Previous years I have been much like yourself and not felt christmassy at all.


  • Yes Yes Yes to all of this! I don’t like Christmas pudding either but the rest of the traditional food is just so good! There is nothing better that sitting and watching Christmas films on a wet December day.

  • Love this so much – especially the bit about that moment when you first wake up. When I was in my early twenties and living alone in my flat, I’d be up, at my mums and banging on her bedroom door by 7, waking up my little bro & sis – they still say it’s not the same without me there in the mornings!
    One of my fave things, which I love to grumble about is our multiple Christmas days – as a kid my parents divorced which meant we had two christmas days (one on boxing day with dad – full works dinner and everything). When I settled down with the hubs, we threw a THIRD one into the mix. I’m basically the vicar of dibley!
    Thanks so much for sharing with #coolmumclub x

    • Haha, yes, my parents weren’t together, so I had two as a teen. I’m not with The Boys dad, and we always prefer to give him 2 separate days, instead of swapping halfway through the day

  • What a fab list – I think a few of these would be on my list too. Love Christmas music, and all the yummy food and that excitement on waking up on Christmas morning 🙂

  • I am loving that you enjoy Boxing Day as much as Christmas itself and that you celebrate it in just the same way. I get so disheartened each year when it all feels like it’s over and everyone just dashes to the nearest retail outlet for Boxing Day. I’ll be in my PJs with my face in a box of chocs thank you very much! I too love sprouts – although not sure I’m quite at the sprout sandwich stage either haha. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Dawn x #coolmumclub

  • We also love the sprouts – or rather me and the kids do, hubby not so much. Our eldest, who’s four, will voluntarily ask for them when we’re at the supermarket, and his 10-month-old sister will demolish piles of them on her booster seat tray. We had some at dinner today. Mind you, when I was our boy’s age, I sat with a sprout in my mouth, refusing to swallow for over 30 minutes with green juice trickling down my chin. so I suppose their taste now doesn’t mean anything. 🙂

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