How To Move Home (Without Losing Your Mind)

“I’m never moving again!” How many times have you heard someone say that? It’s easy to understand why. Moving isn’t the most enjoyable of processes! There are always lessons to be learned after moving home, so reading some top tips ahead of the big move could stop you losing your mind! Read on for some useful advice on how to move home.

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Don’t leave everything until the last minute

Easier said than done right? If you know which date you’re moving, start working backwards to ensure that everything is done so that it doesn’t come down to last minute panic. Make a to-do list that includes deadlines, helping you to manage what to pack, what to throw and when to clean. You’ll feel much better for getting yourself organised.

Have a pre-move clear-out

It’s tempting to simply pack up all of your stuff and take it on to the next place, but that could spell a recipe for disaster. It’s easier to move when you have less stuff, so if you spend some time decluttering and selling/donating unwanted goods – you could make it easier for yourself to get going. Go through each room of the house in turn, getting rid of the things you no longer need. Don’t be afraid to be brutal – there are some things you’ll be wanting to buy new when you move into your new home.

Call in the professionals

Plenty of people who have moved home will tell you about the benefits of calling in the professionals to help. From getting a removals company to professional cleaners, it can save you a lot of time and hassle to pay others to help you move. Yes, it’ll cost you money – but it can free you up to take care of your family or get your new home ready. It’s easy to get a quote from Shiply to help with your removals. Consider setting aside a bit of budget for some additional help; it’ll certainly be worth it to save the stress.

Give everyone a job

Moving home can be overwhelming for children, and it’s up to you to help them navigate this change. One recommendation for making it easier for you and your kids to move is to give them jobs to do or things to take ownership of. From asking them to pack up their toys to asking them to help choose the decor for their new room, there are ways you can shift their focus to stop them dwelling on the negative sides of moving.

Moving is stressful for all involved, but some time-saving measures can help you make it out the other end. To stop you getting hangry from the stress of moving, make sure you’ve got some quick and easy recipes tucked up your sleeve. Get some inspiration for main meals here and make sure you eat well during this trying time. With these top tips, you’ll be a moving professional, and you might just keep your sanity too!

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