Meal Plan Week Five: A Half Baked Attempt to Be Healthy

I joined the gym a few weeks ago, and I’ve been loving it. After a couple of weeks, I can already feel my muscles toning up and becoming firmer. But, I can also feel a good inch of fat on top of them. My sole reason for joining the gym was to stay in shape and get to eat lots of yummy foods. But, I can’t deny that I would like to shift a little bit of that fat.

We had a very indulgent week off work. I did not write a meal plan that week because it basically would have said “Eat out” Takeaway” “Cake” which was wonderful, but when it was all over, I had a craving for a slightly healthier week. By no means a diet, but home cooked meals, packed with veggies and flavour. All the things that I love. It kinda went well. Ish.

Monday – Lasagne

I’ve never written up Husbands lasagne because I think it’s one of those things everyone knows how to make. But…I really don’t. I can’t do it. It just never quite works. I haven’t tried for about five years now. I’ve given up. Husband, however, makes a delicious lasagne. In my meal plan shopping list I’ve included the ingredients needed to make your own white sauce. But, Husband is known for making enough to feed the world, so we tend to buy ours! God love Dolmio!

This recipe is a good one if you don’t have your own. But we’d half it and skip the celery. Because, Yuck!

I really fancied this after a busy few days. We serve it with salad and garlic bread. It really hit the spot.

Tuesday – Beetroot and Carrot Soup

Beetroot and Carrot Soup in bowl

Soups should be healthy. I include loads of cream and a massive loaf of homemade bread, so mine probably isn’t as healthy as it should be. But still packed with fresh vegetables and yumminess. I love making soups. I’ve yet to try a combination that hasn’t worked. For this one, I roast the carrots first, so they take away some of the earthy flavours of the beetroot.

Wednesday – Easy Chicken Curry

chicken curry

Sometimes I really fancy a curry but don’t have time for all of the crushing, mixing and marinating that comes with some of my favourite recipes. This Easy Chicken Curry is perfect on those days. I try to keep some homemade naans in the freezer too.

Thursday – Chicken Caesar Salad

This is another of those things that should be healthy. But we throw loads and loads of cheese and dressing on and serve it with a slab of garlic bread! Husband makes an awesome Caesar dressing, but for this one, we literally throw some cos lettuce, parmesan, croutons and dressing in a bowl and mix! Served with chicken and bacon. This is one of my favourites and definitely my favourite salad.

Friday – Homemade Beef Burgers

homemade burger with sweet potato wedges

I love homemade burgers. They are so easy and quick. These were just simple beef mince, onion, with salt and pepper and a tbsp of horseradish, mixed together and moulded into patties. Shallow fried and served on rolls with salad and tomatoes with sweet potato wedges. Couldn’t be easier.

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