Meal Plan Week Three: A Chicken Adventure

There’s lots of chicken on this week’s meal plan. Quite a few chips too. And lots of leftovers. Husbands really hurt his back after a fall down the stairs and I’ve been super busy, to the point of starting to feel quite stressed out. So, there’s only been one day where I feel like I’ve properly cooked. But, you know what? That’s fine. We’re all well fed, we’ve had plenty to eat and got lots of good stuff inside us. As I write this the kids are sat stuffing turkey dinosaurs and chips into their ketchup plastered faces. But, that’s fine too!

Monday – Cottage Pie

I’ve had Cottage Pie on my meal plan list for about 4 weeks now. Fortunately, it’s the frozen one from last time we had it, so I’ve not wasted shopping in all this changing my mind. This week, we actually had it. I always make 2 and freeze 1. Mondays and Tuesdays are quite busy for me, so it’s great to be able to just get something out of the freezer and throw it in the oven. Maximum yummy food packed with healthy veg, barely any effort.

Tuesday – Chicken and Leek Pie

Ok, so, Tuesday we just got some leftover pie out the freezer and did the same again. Husband made a giant slab of chicken and leek pie a week or so ago. We chopped it up into individual portions and froze them. They’re filling and comforting and last really well in the freezer. We served with chips and peas this time, but I also like mash and mushy peas.

Wednesday – Enchiladas

We had chicken enchiladas on Wednesday and I’m not going to lie, we bought a pack from Asda. I have made my own, tortillas, salsa and all. But, Wednesdays are a bit of a rush, so it’s quite often a cheat day! We buy a pack and add extra peppers and onion to give it more crunch. I also like to add some sour cream and dips.

Thursday – Onion Bhaji Burgers

Onion Bhaji Burgers served

Husband cooked on Thursday. He’s been struggling to move all week but has still tried to do his best to help out. We had onion bhaji burgers. I’m oddly obsessed with onion Bhaji’s so these went down very very well. We made some minty yogurt dressing to go with them, but mango chutney would be fantastic too! We had them with chips. Because that’s what you do with burgers. Sweet potato wedges would be a healthier option.

Friday – Greek Stifado

Beef Stifado with serving bowl

On Friday I made a Greek Beef Stifado. I love Greek food, but I’d only ever made souvlaki style wraps and tzatziki before. The beef needs to be marinated overnight to get the most flavour. But after that, you pretty much just throw it all into a pot! I really want to try lamb Kleftiko, which is my favourite greek meal.

Saturday – Sweet and Sour Chicken

sweet and sour Chinese fakeaway

Chicken for the 3rd time this week for a Sweet and sour! I sometimes make this with battered chicken, but I just couldn’t be bothered this time, so it’s basically just chicken, pineapple and veg fried in a homemade sweet and sour source. Easy. Tasty. Cheap. Perfect family dinner in my books!

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