Meal Plan Week Two: Comforting Autumn Favourites

I actually managed to properly cock up a meal this week. As you’ll know if you follow me on Facebook. Then I cocked up again. You’ll have to read until Tuesday if you want to know more! This week’s meal plan seems to have been a bit homely. Proper lovely comfort food which I think is perfect at this time of year. We tried a few new things and went back to some old classics we hadn’t had for a long time.

Monday – Leftovers

On Monday, we had Sunday dinner leftovers in the form of huge pork sandwiches. I like to pop the leftover pork (sliced) and stuffing on a plate, covered in gravy and then bake it in the oven until the meat is hot through. Then, I dip my bread in the gravy, smear it with stuffing and top with pork. Added applesauce makes it even better. I remember having this at home when I was younger.

This wasn’t however, on my meal plan. That was Cottage pie. So that’s what’s on this shopping list. Have a cottage pie, it’s yum!

Tuesday – Failure and Despair

Oh, Tuesday. The kitchen was not my friend on Tuesday. I attempted a sausage casserole. Which must be the easiest meal ever. Haha! I followed a recipe again, which I’ve only ever done twice and both have been disasters. Lesson learned. A combination of a bad recipe and an incorrect receptacle just left us with a big pile of yuck.

So, we threw some fish fingers in for the kids, and I ordered us a takeaway. We waited. And we waited. I then went to check JustEat to see that a little time had been added to our order. At which point I also noticed that my food was going to our old flat!

Husband tried to ring the restaurant, but they didn’t seem to understand what he was trying to say. So, we assumed the new tenants were tucking into our yummy Greek takeout. Husband trotted off to the chippy.

On his way home, the original takeaway restaurant phoned. They understood now they’d attempted to deliver and offered to remake our now freezing food and bring it for no extra charge (Shout out to Kosta’s Greek Deli, Sheffield!!).

So, we had battered sausage chips and curry sauce, a tray of pork gyros and chips with chicken souvlaki. Good times!

Wednesday – A Bit of a Mixture

Wednesday’s, we have husband’s kids for tea and thing are always a little rushed. So, we cheated and got them meatballs, a jar of sauce and some spaghetti.

Once they’d gone home and Bobsy was in bed, we had scampi, chips, and peas. I haven’t had scampi for such a long time. It was gorgeous!

Thursday – Parsnip and Apple Soup

creamy parsnip and apple soup

On Thursday, I tried something that I’ve been meaning to make since it got cooler. Parsnip and apple soup. I love making soup and I’m in a proper apple phase at the moment. These flavours worked so well and it’s probably one of the best soups we’ve had. I serve mine with chunky homemade bread, but any bread will do.

Friday – Honey and Garlic Chicken

On Friday, we had another try something new day with Honey and Garlic chicken. We didn’t tell the kids about the garlic part, and it went down really well. I’d probably usually use peppers and mushrooms. But we had veg that needed eating, so it was stir-fried cauliflower, carrots, and sprouts. I think the sweetness of this made it a big hit with the kids. We had ours with rice, but noodles would be great too.

Saturday – Spaghetti Bolognese

Saturday, we had a classic Spaghetti Bolognese. This is The Boys favourite family tea, so I like to make it as often as I can. I make him try all of my crazy recipes after all!

I love the combination of new and classics; it makes our food weeks exciting and different. Next week I’m planning some exciting recipes, including a yummy Greek meal of my own.

Click here for a printable PDf of the shopping list!






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