Kaya Mother-Daughter Jewellery Review

I’m going to be totally honest here, when Kaya Jewellery got in touch and asked me if I’d like to review one of their mother-daughter jewellery sets, my first thought was “oh no, it’ll be really naff!”. I’m so massively not into big necklaces with “mum” on and things like that.

However, I’m pleased to say, I was mistaken. A quick look on the website told me that these pieces weren’t’ naff at all. Kaya Jewellery makes some absolutely gorgeous and delicate jewellery. Some can be engraved, whereas others just match. They even do options for sons and dads.

Our Choice

There are a lot of lovely options available, honestly, head over to Kaya Jewellery for a look. But, Bobsy always loves stealing my pearls. She’s obsessed with walking around in mummies bracelets. So, we chose these lovely little bracelets from the Mother daughter jewellery sets, with ivory beads, silver stars and clear crystals. Nothing too flash or fancy, just dainty and delicate. They suit my style well and I thought would look beautiful on Bobsy’s little wrist.

kata-jewellery review


There is the option to have engraved charms added to the pieces. We chose not to, as it isn’t our taste. There are also different size options which I was really happy about as I’ve got tiny wrists. Jewellery is often far too small for me and I’ve been known to wear children’s watches!

mother daughter bracelet


We ordered our bracelets on I believe, Thursday and they arrived on Saturday morning, which I was incredibly impressed with and would be ideal if you were buying them as a gift. They arrived well packaged in a jiffy bag, then in their own gorgeous little drawstring bags. The package also included a silver cloth and a discount code for a future purchase.


The Bracelets

I was so impressed when I opened the bag. Generally, I’m not a huge fan of online shopping when it comes to things like clothes and jewellery because I like to see and touch what I’m buying. But, these are beautiful. So pretty and delicate. The stones and bright and shiny and it’s beautifully made. It’s hard to tell this early but it feels like a piece that could last a long time, even when worn a lot.


Our Verdict

We love them. The Bobsy adores jewellery so loves wearing hers. I think it’s great that it’s not too heavy, so she forgets she has it on and it doesn’t annoy her. I love seeing it on her little wrist when she’s walking around. I’ve worn mine every day, I think it’s fantastic and the simple design means it goes with everything. It’s lovely that The Bobsy gets to be a big girl and match mummy without it being too obvious or silly.

toddler jewellery

While we received these bracelets as a gift to review, I honestly couldn’t recommend them any higher. I was more than impressed and I’m sure we’ll continue to wear them in the future. If you want to find out more, get your own or just view other items in the range, you can find Kaya jewellery at:











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