How I Spend My “Me Time”

Me time?! What is this? As a mum, it can be incredibly difficult to find time to yourself. I remember being on maternity leave and thinking “how will I have time for a job?”. In fact, since starting to work from home I’ve found that in some ways work was my me time. As depressing as that sounds. It was a chance to be myself, instead of mum, and to speak to adults. Which is always a treat.

It’s exceptionally important to take some time out for yourself every now and then. Being a mother can be overwhelming. The constant demands on your time can get a bit much. We all love our children and wouldn’t change them for the world. But to stay sane and be a great mum, we need a bit of time away from them.

Hunky Husband has been out of work for the last few weeks. So, I’ve had much more me time than usual. Which has been lovely. But he’s back tomorrow. Which means I’ll be back to doing the school runs, housework, bedtime, cooking, homework and squeezing work in when I can. Making time to myself more important than ever. Here is how I plan to spend it.



When I’ve got the chance I like to go for a run. I used to absolutely hate running but now it doesn’t feel like it’s killing me I actually find it very relaxing. If I’ve got more time I prefer to swim and If I’ve got no chance to get out of the house I do a Pilates video on YouTube. Doing some exercise makes me feel like I’ve done something worthwhile. I get a lovely little happy buzz and feel great for the rest of the day. Then I eat a kebab.

Bubble Baths

bubble bath

I love a bath. I didn’t have one for years when I first left home so I’d spend hours in my mums every time I visited. Then, when I was pregnant and Husband was working late nights I’d probably have 4 a week. Now, I don’t have as much chance as I work when the kids are asleep. But, occasionally I’ll give myself a night off and spend an hour in the bath with a glass of wine and a good book.


Which brings me to reading. I love to read. Before kids, I probably read at least a book a week. Now it’s more like one every three months! But, I still love it. I think I love baths so much because it’s the only time I just read and don’t worry about anything else. I think reading is a wonderful way to forget your troubles and leap into someone else’s life. Someone without two crazy kids!



Netflix is a nightmare. I spend hours scrolling through the menus to just end up watching Gilmore Girls. AGAIN. It’s great though because I adore Gilmore Girls. Makes me happy.


I was a little behind on the adult colouring craze. I didn’t realise it was a thing until I saw an article on it online. But I love it. I’m so unartistic, as you can see from my crafts. Colouring gives me a chance to be artistic and make pretty pictures with no talent! I haven’t done much recently but thoroughly enjoy it when I do.



Blogging has absolutely changed my life. While it’s not bringing in the big bucks and some days only my mum and mother in law read it it has given me an outlet and helped me learn some fantastic new skills. It stresses me out when I can make something work and when I spend 14 years trying to change the colour of one line. More so when I succeed and Husband says, “what’s different?”. But the sense of pride I get reading comments and getting new opportunities is amazing. I know to some blogging isn’t me time and perhaps I’m still in the honeymoon period but at the moment it’s one of my favourite ways to relax and take some time out for myself.

I’m not very good at doing nothing. I so frequently think “I wish I could just do nothing” then when I get the chance I find it unbelievably stressful and end up working. So, when I know I need a break I try to plan something to do with it, even if it’s just to read in the bath. I sometimes write it on my to-do list. Because if it’s on the list, you must do it!

me time


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