My Happy List #9

The last two happy lists have been very much “it’s been a bit of a crap few weeks but let’s look at the positives” so I’m very pleased to say the last week has been amazing! I certainly feel like after a few months of things being a bit up and down we were due a good week and we’ve definitely had one. So, without any moaning at all, here is my happy list!

Looking Forward

It was my birthday on Saturday. I turned 31. Isn’t it odd how fast life seems to pass as we get older? But, I feel 31 is my year! The last half of 30 I got my blog going and started working as a freelance writer and I feel this is the year that I’m really going to be successful. My blog is doing better and opening new doors every month so I’m really looking forward to seeing how far this can go. I’m very excited about the year ahead.

My Birthday

My birthday itself was fantastic. We had a great day at the Tropical Butterfly House, then I had a lovely long soak in the bath, accompanied by a lush bath bomb, glass of fizz and Orange is the New Black on my tablet.


Then once the kids were in bed, we ordered our favourite take away and finished House of Cards. It was a very netflixy day but I loved all of it.


My birthday eve was fantastic too. Husband had 2 days off so on Friday we went shopping. I didn’t spend a fortune, but walked around and bought things for me. Because I wanted them. I didn’t buy anything for the kids or the house. Just me. This isn’t something we do much of once we’ve had kids so it felt like a huge treat. I got a few tops and some books.

Another fantastic thing about it was that when Bobsy got annoyed, Husband took her for a walk. Which meant I had time to properly look around and try things on. This felt like total luxury!

Then we picked The Boy up from school and after a small trip to the Doctors in a panic that Bobsy’s ear was coming off (turned out to be an in no way dramatic bit of eczema!) we went for a lovely family tea.

family dinner

Our New Fridge

You know you’re a grown up when you get ridiculously excited about an appliance! We’ve had a tiny fridge with a tiny little freezer for years. On Wednesday, we had our beautiful new fridge freezer delivered. It’s massive.

fridge happy list

We’ve been shopping a few times since and haven’t managed to fill it yet which has made a lovely change from playing freezer Tetris after every shop.

A Nice Big House!

Anyone that knows us or reads regularly will know we’ve been having a lot of issues with our neighbours. But, we’ve been struggling to find somewhere new. It seemed like every house in our price range was either horrible or in an awful area.

On Wednesday, we went to view a house in a lovely area. It’s not perfect, but it could easily be a great home for us. We get the keys later this week and I’m ridiculously excited.

While it’s just a rental, so probably not The Move, the landlord has already told us to let him know if we are ever interested in buying it, so it’s nice to know that that option is there. It’s amazing to think that whenever we buy, beforehand we’ll be living in a lovely, safe home!

The fridge doesn’t fit though. Obviously!


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2 thoughts on “My Happy List #9”

  • Wow that was a good week for you. Good luck with the house move. How typical that your new fridge doesn’t fit though haha. I seemed to go through a phase a few years back where i was moving house all the time. I think it was 5 moves in 3 years. It was awful. I’ve been where I am for 5 years now and I still couldn’t face the thought of moving again. Not yet anyway. ☺

    • We’ve been here for just over 4. I can’t believe how much stuff we’ve got! When we’re at the house, I feel like we’ve done loads and we’re getting there. Come back to the flat and it’s still full!!

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