My Happy List #8

I’ve been terrible at doing these, haven’t I? which is rubbish, because I really enjoy siting and writing about happy things. Life just sometimes gets in the way and you forget to stop and reflect on the good things. Writing a Happy List is meant to force me. But then I forget to do it!

It’s been a tough few weeks. As I’ve mentioned before, some of our neighbours have been awful. This is always a risk in a flat, but I’ve lived here for four years and never had too much trouble. There’s been the odd loud night or incident, maybe the occasional bad week but that’s it. Then two new people moved in and it’s been constantly awful. They don’t seem to sleep! One lot of our nice neighbours, a family with 4 children have now moved out because they couldn’t stand it any longer. It’s horrible not being comfortable at home. I’m almost scared to go out in case I see them now.

Then, there’s the state of the world! I’ve had enough of the election now. I’ve also had enough of people telling me who to vote for on social media. I have quite firm beliefs, but I won’t unfollow or be disgusted if someone I know (*cough*mother*cough*) votes incorrectly…sorry, differently. They too are following their beliefs and have their own reasonings. Surely this is the point of democracy. I encourage people to vote. Men, and especially women, have given their lives and their freedom throughout history for the right to vote. We’re lucky that we have it, so we should use it (also, you can’t moan if you don’t vote!) but, vote with your heart, for what you believe in. Whatever that may be.


Finally, before I actually bring myself round to being happy, the terror. First Manchester and then London Bridge at the weekend. We so often seem to wake up to awful news, fear and death. Then in the coming days, racism and totally different kinds of fear. It’s awful. Manchester really upset me, in a way that other attacks haven’t. Manchester is close by. It seemed much more real. Much more “this could happen here”. An area of Sheffield was blocked off a few nights ago by anti-terror police and arrests made. It’s everywhere.

But, it isn’t Islam. These people are terrorists. White English men also kill people! More people in fact. I’ve been friends with many Muslim men and women in my life, two of my best friends at high-school were Muslims. They have all, without exception been peaceful, respectful, loving and fun people I am proud to call my friends. I hate the racism as much as the terrorism.


Not a happy list at all so, far is it? But, this is why happy lists are more important than ever. When we were reading about the London Bridge attack and I expressed my fear that it was becoming a frequent occurrence and moving into everyday life, Husband said: “but what can we do?”. This is what we can do. Be happy. Live our lives and take pleasure in the little things every day that makes us smile. So, these are mine for the last week or so.


As a parent, I obviously hate the half-term holiday. It’s not been too bad though. We haven’t done much as there have been storms and crazy rain showers for most of the week. But it’s been nice. We’ve played lots of Mario Kart, watched some films and done some crafting. The Boy and Bobsy have played together a little more too which is lovely.


The Cinema

I’ve been taking The Boy to the cinema since he’d just turned 3 and he’s always enjoyed it. It’s nice now that he’s starting to take more of an interest in what we see. There’s still nice Disney things. We saw Moana at the kid’s club a few weeks ago, which I must say I really enjoyed and he’s very excited for Cars 3. But, he’s also becoming more interested in slightly older things. We saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid during half term. It wasn’t amazing, but he enjoyed it, laughed a lot and has now started reading the books.

For some reason, he still won’t watch Harry Potter with me. I suspect it’s just because he knows how much I want it!



So amazingly shallow but how good does The Bobsy look in her ponytail? She went through a phase last summer of pulling her hair out and eating it. (yes really). So, one side of the front is a lot shorter than the rest. We can now tie the back up and put a clip in the front though and she looks lovely. I can’t wait to plait it.


Emerging Words

New words are now appearing all the time. She doesn’t pronounce them all correctly “duice” for example is juice and “doose” are shoes, but it’s clear what she means and the amount of venom a tiny girl can get into “more duice” when I don’t act fast enough is astounding. I bought her some flashcards this week and she loves going through them.

Family Time

Husband used to go out to work at around 9, and get back at maybe 10 pm. I don’t think I fully realised at the time, but this made me quite depressed. I’d spend all day at home with the kids, trying to get work done, then put them to bed, work until he got in, then go straight to bed. They just seemed never ending days of the same. Now he’s getting home at 4:30 most days, 6 at the latest. He can do bedtime while I work and we can have evenings together. I’ve felt so much happier. It’s so nice at lunch to think he’ll be home in a few hours and I can talk to an adult. We’ve been eating lots of lovely meals, talking more and generally, I’ve just felt much happier. It’s great.


My blogs still not huge compared to some. But, it is now bringing in some money, and I’ve started to get the odd email about working with companies and brands. It’s all very exciting and absolutely terrifying. I still haven’t got a clue what I’m doing!

It’s my birthday on Saturday (31…how has this happened) so hopefully lots of happy list news soon. Hope you all have a lovely week. x

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