My Happy List #5

I haven’t write a happy list for about 3 weeks. This isn’t because I haven’t been happy as such. There have just been pressing concerns. That have kind of overwhelmed everything else. Mainly, that Hunky Husband has been out of work. The place he worked, and was happy, closed down, and the only job they could offer him, was in a terrible location, and not at all what he wanted to do. So, he handed his notice in. He’s generally not out of work long, as he’s a very good chef, with lots of experience, but it’s always a worry. He’s got a few interviews lined up this week, which could potentially be quite exciting, and we’ve had a fantastic weekend. So, it seemed a good time to write a happy list.


It’s here!! Finally. It’s Spring. We’ve still got quite bitterly cold winds up here. But, when the wind drops, we’ve had some lovely, warm sunshine. I found myself wearing sunglasses most of this weekend. And, had an hour, outside, on my own, reading a book. The Bobsy is also absolutely loving being outside in the sun. She got to enjoy Nanny and Grandad’s garden at the weekend, which was lovely.

happy in the sun


We don’t normally get much chance to visit my parents. It’s too far for a day really, but then Hunky Husband rarely gets weekends off. So, we decided to make the most of what is hopefully his last weekend out of work. We picked The Boy up from school on Friday, and drove straight down. It was lovely to just enjoy being there. The kids had a great time, and we had a nice relax. It was the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day.



Walking has been on my happy list before I believe. Yet I seem to forget how much I enjoy it. We’ve been on two big walks this last week. One round Rother Valley near home, with The Bobsy in the pram. Then one round Wyre Forest near Mum’s. Just me and Hunky Husband. The weather was great both days, and it was just so nice to be out, getting some exercise, and getting rid of some stress.



Yes, I’m very shallow, and dresses make me happy. Dresses without black tights and jumpers. I tried some lovely new summer dresses on on Friday. While I can’t really justify shopping until Husband is working, it was still nice. I’m also just very happy not to be rotating the same 4 Jumpers with all my outfits.

Beauty and The Beast

This one made me ridiculously happy. Me and my friend went for dinner, and to the cinema on Thursday. I haven’t done this for such a long time. It might actually have been the first time I’d be out in the evening, without Hunky Husband, for about a year. I was so excited to see Beauty and The Beast, and it didn’t disappoint. There were a few additions, that I don’t think were hugely necessary. But, it didn’t affect my enjoyment. I’ve been singing the songs ever since!


A Well-Fitting Bra

Bra’s haven’t been something I’ve ever given much thought to, to be honest. In my head I’m pretty flat chested, so it doesn’t matter. Then a few weeks ago, the wonderful Zoe at Lycrawidow, sent me a calculator, and taught me how to measure properly. Safe to say, I thought the results were absolutely ridiculous. However, when I tried a Bra on in the size Zoe had recommended, and it fit, everything changed. Not only did it fit, my boobs looked amazing! After years of hating them, and being quite self-conscious, I now think they are wonderful! I realise this is 100% in my head, they’re exactly the same as they’ve always been. But perhaps this is part of the bra’s wonder. It doesn’t just give you great support, and make you look better, it also improves your confidence! I really want to include a picture here to show you all the difference it makes, but I feel Hunky Husband might be quite unhappy about it!

Hopefully, there’ll be even more happiness to report upon this time next week!

Two Tiny Hands

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