My Happy List #4

So, apparently, I do do this happy thing every week! Who knew? This week has been a funny one. The Boy is back to school after half term, so it’s a little bit “thank God we made it”. However, his Dad is still on holiday, so he hasn’t had his normal days at Daddy’s, so we’re still not quite back to our normal routine.  It has been nice having him all the time though, and, apart from few moments, he’s been very well behaved.

Here is what’s making me happy this week…. I desperately don’t want to say the MacBook again, but because its connected to my iPhone, I can text of it, and it’s very msn messenger like, which brings back wonderful memories. So, that makes me happy, but it doesn’t have its own subheading, so doesn’t count. The real list, goes:


I finally passed my driving test. Which is something to tick off the 40 before 40 list, and I’m not even 31 yet! I had my first driving lesson when I was pregnant with The Boy…who is now 6. But, I didn’t have many, and then had 5 years off, so I’m not sure it counts. This was my 3rd test, so there is a great sense of relief.

I haven’t brought a car yet, and Hunky Husband works in the middle of nowhere, which means it isn’t worth insuring me on his as it’s never here for me to drive. So, it isn’t going to have an immediate impact on my life. I’m still happy it’s done.

Twitter Friends

I’m going to be honest here. I’ve never been a big believer in the idea that people can have a relationship with people they’ve never met. Even a friendship. But, the more I blog, and the more I get to know other bloggers, the more I see that I’m wrong. I have some great twitter friends, whom I have never met. However, those people on catfish that claim to be totally in love with strangers, are still speaking complete nonsense.


I’ve never been romantic. But, we are romantic as a couple. Perhaps not publically. He doesn’t like overly affectionate public displays. And we tease each other like mad. But, we have our own ways. We’ve never (aside from me being is hospital) spent a night apart, and I can’t see why we ever would. We look after each other, and make each other feel good. There aren’t really huge gestures, but little things. The night I passed my driving test, Husband appeared with a bag full of my favourite treats. This is real, every day, married romance. It’s beautiful, and it makes me very happy.


Rubbish Food

As you may have gathered from all my recipes, we like food. We like cooking, and creating, and we like eating. We cook from scratch, using fresh ingredients, as often as we can. But, I still really like to take aways! Me and The Boy had our first McDonalds in ages a week ago, and it was wonderful. We attempted to not have any takeaway in January, as we’d been rather over indulgent throughout December. We failed, but only once, and haven’t had one since. I think it’s about time that changed. Chinese here I come!

happy food


I got into Pilates last summer, when I was running a lot, trying to lose baby weight, and training for a race. Then, I stopped. I tried it again a few weeks ago, and hated myself for stopping. It killed. After just 3 weeks of doing it twice a week again, it no longer kills. It’s still hard, but I don’t spend 2 days after unable to bend over anymore. Pilates is great for strengthening and toning. I wouldn’t say I look different yet, but I feel great. I start with this incredibly basic beginners video on YouTube, then move on to others when I’ve got the hang of it again.

pilates legs


The Baby Spot, an online magazine, named me as their blogger of the day on Friday. I realise to some, this might be a small achieivement, but to me, it was huge. I spent a long time looking at the tweet before replying “omg that’s me!!”. It’s a real honour, and I’ve exceptionally grateful for it.


No? Still not here? No, ok. Soon!

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